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Tip Top Shawarma

Delicious lamb shawarma at Tip Top Restaurant in Charlottesville, VAThere are a three places in town that I generally don’t like as much as everyone else I know: Beer Run, Continental Divide, and Tip Top. I want to like them. I want to meet our friend Dave at Continental Divide and talk about kung fu over Red Hot Blues. I’d like to meet Whit at Beer Run and talk about religion over chicken wings. Maybe Paul and I could meet at Tip Top and talk about the city over shawarmas. Actually, this last one will definitely happen. Because I’m here to tell you, people: The shawarmas are where… Read More

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Tip Top Breakfast 

tiptop - 9It doesn’t require a lot to make my weekend mornings happy ones. No alarm clock, a nice cup of coffee, hearty eggs, and some fried potatoes go a long way. Tip Top seemed like a sure bet given its constantly crowded parking lot on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Counter seating and cozy booths for classic diner ambience? Check. Swiftly delivered food at bargain prices? Check. Friendly service? Check, with a big “what can I get you, sweetheart?” and smile. All the elements were in place.

The food, sadly, was not. Now, let me say up front that people we’ve talked to are big fans of the Tip Top lunch… Read More

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