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A Fond Farewell to The Tavern

You have just a few weeks left to get your fix of the best pancakes in town while saying goodbye to a local institution, as The Tavern‘s last day is officially December 24th.

It’s always sad to see a longstanding local business close, especially when the rumored backstory is that the wealthy local landlord significantly raised rent prices and wouldn’t agree to a multi-year lease. After 30 years serving the friendliest breakfast in town, The Tavern will soon close and there are whisperings a CVS will be put in its place (if true, I personally vow to never step foot in it). Love or hate The Tavern’s greasy comfort food, it’s a loss for the community… Read More


Food Find: The Tavern’s Pumpkin Pancakes

tavern pumpkin pancakesThough I have a bias for all things pumpkin flavored, I think I’m being objective when I say that the pumpkin pancakes currently featured at The Tavern are the best food in the history of cooking. Thick but delicate, rich but balanced, and threaded through with cinnamony ginger pumpkin deliciousness, they have enough body to satisfy a hearty breakfast appetite, the edibility of a light pumpkin bread, and the fun of a holiday cookie. Even if you don’t add a whisper of whipped butter and a few ribbons of syrup as I do, you’ll be amazed by the flavor. Whether you’re a Tavern fan or not, a pancake eater or omelette eater, consider swinging by… Read More

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The Tavern 

the tavern - 1
One of the charms of Charlottesville dining is that the most uninviting exterior can conceal some of our town’s most delicious treasures. Like the carpenter’s chalice in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. The Tavern is one such diamond in the rough… Read More

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