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Concert Pairings: Food for Jefferson Theater Outings

Alexandra and Paula at the Jefferson Theater in Charlottesville, VATwo of our favorite ladies about town, Alexandra and Paula, have taken on the ambitious and enjoyable task of attending every show at the Jefferson Theater this month and documenting it on their blog, One Month at the Jefferson. Naturally they’ll need to fuel up for all that music so we asked them to give us the rundown on their favorite places to eat pre- and post-show.

There are some great choices for food on the Downtown Mall before your show to keep you satiated through the opening and main act. Here are a few of our favorites.


Because… Read More

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Five Favorite Dishes 2011

Last year I took on the difficult task of selecting my five favorite things to eat from local restaurants. But a lot changes over a year: new delights are discovered, and old favorites are eaten frequently enough to result in overdose and temporary avoidance. So it seemed time for a new Best in Chow to capture my five favorite dishes at this point in time. Some things never change, of course: a perfectly fried dish sits atop both lists.

Pimento Deviled Eggs
How to make already delicious, decadent deviled eggs even better? Add some pimento cheese, of course. While more restaurants are adding deviled eggs to their menu (still not enough), I think Rapture’s… Read More

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Mandarin Ginger at Ten

Is it possible the summer is more than half over? Say it ain’t so. Actually, for a guy like me who far prefers cold to hot, say it is so. I’m ready for this heat to move on out of here. Until it does, functional alcoholics like us can take refuge from the sun in refreshing beverages like the Mandarin Ginger at Ten.

There isn’t much to it. Muddle fresh orange slices with ginger, fill with cubes and Absolut Mandarin, top with club soda, and enjoy. But it’s the simplicity that makes it work. The spiciness of the ginger joins up with the carbonation of the soda to add a pleasant bite to… Read More

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Food Find: Ten’s Tasting Menu

Ten - 10While Ten is undeniably one of the tastier restaurants in town, it doesn’t scream “bargain dining.” You can eat sushi flown in from the Pacific while sitting at a swank bar that feels more New York than Charlottesville, but you’re going to pay a premium to do so. Or so I thought, until a recent visit to Ten when we discovered their tasting menu.

As we were debating the eight-course tasting menu, our server (bless her heart) told us it was enough food for us to share. She was right: if we had each ordered the tasting menu, it would have been a painful roll home. But splitting the tasting was more than enough food for two (unless you’re… Read More

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