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Five Favorite Dishes

taste of china - crispy eggplantSince the day is nearly here to be thankful for everything in our lives, particularly delicious food, I’ve taken on the difficult task of selecting my top five favorite things from local restaurants. There’s so much I like to eat in this town of ours that it feels akin to choosing a favorite child or Bravo reality tv show, but I persevered. So please enjoy a special Best in Chow, presented with great gratitude to those who make these delicious things. Consider it my version of Five Dishes You Eat in Heaven. And don’t forget to chime in with your own favorites. Read More

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Taste of China’s Crispy Shrimp with Scallion

Taste of China's delicious Crispy Shrimp with ScallionI’m still trying to catch my breath after Charlottesville’s Peter Chang roller coaster. He was here. It was awesome. Everyone went to eat there. Everyone wrote articles about him. “And poof. Just like that, he’s gone.”

We were curious if Taste of China would manage to hold onto the Peter Chang magic so he headed back there recently. As suspected, rather than three-hour waits for a table the restaurant was barely over a quarter full at 7 pm on a Thursday. The wait staff seemed relaxed and our order was taken right away. We waited apprehensively to see how the Chang-less Taste of China would fare.  I’m delighted to report that all dishes… Read More

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Taste of China 

Taste of China - 01We started to get excited after reading various food blogs about a renowned yet mysterious Szechuan chef who had attracted a devoted cult of followers in DC before disappearing. After sightings in Atlanta and Knoxville, there was a rumor that THE Peter Chang was behind the new nondescript Taste of China restaurant in Albemarle Square. I tried to keep my expectations in check, but they shot up when we arrived to see the restaurant name in neon Chinese, as well as English, outside the strip mall exterior. And up even further when we walked in to an absolutely packed place featuring very little English, with a menu… Read More

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