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Best in Frozen Treats

Toppings galore.It’s rare that we disagree strongly about something. Usually we’re a half-star or maybe – maybe! – a full star away from the other’s point of view. When it comes to Charlottesville’s frozen treats, however, things can get ugly. At least on the page. In reality, things are rarely ugly when frozen treats of any kind are going into your mouth. Speaking of which, we love Ben & Jerry’s but didn’t include it and other nationwide chains in favor of more local or regional options. Whether you agree, disagree, or know of a great place nearby that we haven’t tried, let us know in the comments! Read More

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Food Find: Splendora’s Cucumber Mint Gelato

cucumber mint gelatoSplendora is hit-or-miss for me, but in the summertime this cucumber mint gelato hits the spot. It was lacking on the mint side of the equation but the cucumber flavor was strong and fresh, with almost too much real cucumber pulp throughout. Regardless, a refreshing and not unhealthy — if you order the bambino size — treat on a hot day. Read More

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