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Peter Chang’s China Grill, a Vegan Review

Shredded Pumpkin with Garlic at Peter Chang's China Grill in Charlottesville, VAEver waited way too long to see the movie everyone is raving about, the one that critics cant stop touting, only to find yourself asking “What’s all the fuss about?” This is exactly how we felt finally eating at Peter Chang’s. Just don’t see what the hype is all about. We were underwhelmed.

What we did like: It is really easy (as with most ethnic food) to eat vegan. We got the Veggie Spring Rolls, Shredded Pumpkin with Chili Peppers, and Pan Noodles with mixed vegetables.

The spring rolls were pretty typical, nothing to… Read More

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Five Favorite Dishes 2011

Last year I took on the difficult task of selecting my five favorite things to eat from local restaurants. But a lot changes over a year: new delights are discovered, and old favorites are eaten frequently enough to result in overdose and temporary avoidance. So it seemed time for a new Best in Chow to capture my five favorite dishes at this point in time. Some things never change, of course: a perfectly fried dish sits atop both lists.

Pimento Deviled Eggs
How to make already delicious, decadent deviled eggs even better? Add some pimento cheese, of course. While more restaurants are adding deviled eggs to their menu (still not enough), I think Rapture’s… Read More

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Peter Chang’s China Grill: Top Dishes

While there were some definite kinks in the frenzied opening days of Peter Chang’s China Grill, upon return visits we’ve found that the restaurant is hitting its stride. And by return visits, I mean we’re addicted and may soon reach a point where we have honorary plaques on one of the tables for two. But we’ve also found that there are definite hits and misses off the menu. If you know what to order, you’ll have an incredible meal that will be some of the best Chinese food of your life. If you take a more haphazard approach to the menu, it can be a disappointing experience.

Things are made more challenging because the menu does not provide descriptions… Read More

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Peter Chang’s China Grill for Lunch 

Peter Chang's China Grill in Charlottesville, VAI, along with the rest of Charlottesville, have been waiting for months for Peter Chang to come to Charlottesville (again). On a whim, my boyfriend and I decided to go to Peter Chang’s China Grill  for lunch one Saturday afternoon. I had heard that you needed a reservation, but we popped in to see if they had any openings. Luckily, they had just started to take walk-ins and the hostess seated us moments later. Given that one of my areas of specialty here at Mas to Millers is cheap eats, we had hoped to be able to order some of the very affordable lunch specials, but unfortunately they were not available on the weekends. What… Read More

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