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Coconut Macaroons at Penne Lane

A delicious coconut macaroon from Penne Lane deli.Slap some frosting on a cookie and some people get all crazy and start talking about imaginary horses and yee-haws. So let’s set the record straight: the Penne Lane sweet treat that deserves the real praise and Food Find honor is the Coconut Macaroon.

Maybe this is because I’m hip and know that cupcakes are out and macaroons are in for the latest dessert fad. All the cool people are eating macaroons these days, except for Jed, who is drooling over black and white cookies.

While macaroons are often the meringue-flavored variety in Easter pastel shades, I’m a fan of the classic coconut delivery. At their best, coconut… Read More

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Black & White Cookies at Penne Lane

Black & White cookie at Penne Lane on Main Street, CharlottesvilleSo, I was sitting there eating this black and white cookie, talking to my girl, when I stopped mid-sentence and was like, “Holy crap, dude. This cookie is outrageously delicious!” That’s when she looked up at me with those wild, sugar-crazed tiger eyes of hers and said, “No way your cookie is as good as my macaroon. This coconut is off the hook, yo! Moist and crispy all at once!” Then we jumped on our horses and chased each other around and around the block, yippeeing and yee-hawing all the way. In the end I caught up to her and… Read More

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