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Phil’s Fave Porko Platter at Mono Loco

I’m not sure who this Phil guy is, but I’d like to congratulate him on his excellent taste in pork platters. I’ve had his highly recommended “Phil’s Fave Porko Platter” at Mono Loco in heavy dinner rotation lately.

Even beyond the porko platter, Mono Loco has stepped it up in the past year to become one of my favorite dinner and drinks spots. Their food has been quite good (particularly any specials) during all our visits and their bar scene has become one of the most fun in town. But it’s Phil’s Platter that keeps drawing me back with its crispy pork and crispy plantains over rice and beans, topped off with pico… Read More

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Food Find: Mono Loco’s Braised Pork Tostada

090813_184412Mono Loco and I had a pretty casual relationship for awhile. Friends would always sing its praises while I half-heartedly nodded in agreement. I’d tag along grudgingly, feeling so-so about the whole experience while enjoying the margaritas and chips with abandon. I suppose you could have called us friends with benefits. That is, until recently, when I discovered Mono Loco’s… Read More

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