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Camino on Market Street by Vinegar Hill TheaterI remember when Erin and I discovered Il Cane Pazzo. It was a cold autumn night, and we had decided to see a movie at Vinegar Hill. In the ticket line, Erin craned her neck to take in the warm glow of the restaurant next door. “Why have we never noticed this place?” she said. I shrugged and went over to look at the menu. Just a few items, classic Italian with a twist here and there, not cheap. As it turns out, it was also fantastically delicious. Some of the best Italian either of us had ever had. When it went away and Camino took… Read More

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Food Find: Duck with Sweet Potato Hash at Camino

Fig-balsamic-glazed duck with sweet potato hashEvery now and then we encounter a dish so flavorful and harmonious that it is as if the ingredients were separated at birth, only to be reunited at long last on the plate. In the case of Camino’s duck dish, the earthy sweetness of figs is balanced by tangy stripes of balsamic vinegar, with a body of salty-sweet potato hash underneath. The duck meat itself is appealingly mild, with a subtle note of gaminess giving it character.

Our overall experience at Camino was mixed, but this masterful dish will make regulars of us… Read More

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