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Concert Pairings: Food for Jefferson Theater Outings

Alexandra and Paula at the Jefferson Theater in Charlottesville, VATwo of our favorite ladies about town, Alexandra and Paula, have taken on the ambitious and enjoyable task of attending every show at the Jefferson Theater this month and documenting it on their blog, One Month at the Jefferson. Naturally they’ll need to fuel up for all that music so we asked them to give us the rundown on their favorite places to eat pre- and post-show.

There are some great choices for food on the Downtown Mall before your show to keep you satiated through the opening and main act. Here are a few of our favorites.


Because… Read More

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Late Night at C&O 

Pastrami, swiss, and horseradish panini at C&O Restaurant in Charlottesville, VAFor most people out and about past a certain hour in the evening, the inevitable late-night snack attack hits. The Corner does a fair job of catering to the ravenous college set, what with Christian’s special hours at its 14th Street and West Main location. But what are the options for good food downtown after 9 o’clock, especially in settings where more fun — and alcohol — are still to be had?

The C&O, one of Charlottesville’s most venerable fine dining restaurants, offers a fairly extensive late-night menu to meet almost any bargoer’s cravings. Especially gourmet ones – pizza and burgers do not make the… Read More

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The Goosehound at C & O

The Goosehound at C&OI wasted many years denouncing vodka. I thought it was flavorless and smelled like rubbing alcohol, which only brought back awkward memories of practicing CPR on a dummy in gym class in high school, with my friends cracking jokes on the side about me falling in love with a “dum” girl named Annie.

Then my Polish mom introduced me to Belvedere and the magic of cloudy-bottled vodkas. I don’t claim to be able to distinguish Stoli, Absolut, and Ketel One in a blind taste test, but Belvedere is different. So is Grey Goose. It’s silkier in the throat. Less fiery going down. And more forgiving the following morning.

At C&O, the mixmasters have wedded… Read More

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C & O Restaurant 

c&o - 19Whenever parents come into town or there’s something to celebrate, I go all Pavlov’s dog and start salivating for C & O’s Artichoke Paté. That’s the great thing about C & O: yes, it’s an institution in this town. But it’s that rare institution that continues to produce good, inventive food, and I think it’s hard to beat for a special night out.

It doesn’t look like much from the outside (especially during the day before the torches come out) but the charmingly incongruous Pepsi sign outside marks one of the most charming interiors in town. The back patio feels far removed from the downtown scene, the Mezzanine is as cozy as can be with a wood burning stove… Read More

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