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Brunch at Brookville

BFP's – Big Bleeping Pancakes at Brookville Restaurant in Charlottesville, VAThose of you who have been out and about for Sunday brunch recently have seen what we’ve seen. Lines everywhere. I don’t know if it’s the Tavern closing down or media circus performers here for the Huguely trial or what. Bluegrass? One hour. Blue Moon? One hour. The Nook? Thirty minutes. The Nook! What all of these line-waiters don’t realize is that the best brunch in town is just a staircase and an open table away.

Brookville‘s BFP’s (Big Bleeping Pancakes) are enormous, fluffy, and spectacularly delicious. Pre-dressed with just the right amount of maple syrup, they flake off… Read More

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Bacon Ice Cream Root Beer Float at Brookville

Intense heat waves trigger two cravings: the taste of sizzling savory meat off the grill (you’re sweating already, so you might as well be eating something good) and creamy ice cream to cool down. Brookville just made it easier to enjoy both with an incredibly delicious Bacon Ice Cream Root Beer Float.

I know bacon desserts have become all the rage—even Denny’s had a bacon sundae which may officially signal that bacon has jumped the shark— but usually they seem to be more about kitsch value than good flavors. I’ve tried all the bacon chocolate, bacon jam, and bacon brownies I can get my hands on… Read More

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Interview with Chef Harrison Keevil of Brookville Restaurant

Chef Harrison Keevil is chef/co-owner of Brookville Restaurant.


You studied foreign affairs at UVA, followed by a Parliamentary stint as a research assistant in London. How did this prepare you for the kitchen?

It really taught me that I didn’t want to be in a 4×4 cubicle. I grew up on a farm so I like the manual labor aspect as well as the human interaction and getting to see smiles on peoples’ faces. That more than anything told me what I didn’t want to do, which led me in this direction.

Once you realized what you didn’t want to do, how did you end up here?

Food… Read More


Five Favorite Dishes

taste of china - crispy eggplantSince the day is nearly here to be thankful for everything in our lives, particularly delicious food, I’ve taken on the difficult task of selecting my top five favorite things from local restaurants. There’s so much I like to eat in this town of ours that it feels akin to choosing a favorite child or Bravo reality tv show, but I persevered. So please enjoy a special Best in Chow, presented with great gratitude to those who make these delicious things. Consider it my version of Five Dishes You Eat in Heaven. And don’t forget to chime in with your own favorites. Read More

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Watermelon, feta, shallots, and pea tendrils.There’s an exciting restaurant newcomer in town that’s upped the ante on the local food scene. We’ve only had one meal at Brookville, but it was a delicious, memorable dinner that celebrated the best this season and area has to offer.

Brookville is located in the former Upstairs/Al Dente space above Escafé. It’s more out of the way than other mall spots that easily attract passersby, so I hope the spot won’t be tough for them. It’s a welcoming space that was far too empty for the delicious meal we were about to have. The entry room includes a large bar, exposed brick walls, bookshelves filled with cookbooks to thumb through, and a communal table… Read More

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