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Vegan Burger at Boylan Heights

boylan-vegan-burger-3It’s funny, when you tell people you don’t eat meat there are three things they always say: “What about steak?? You don’t eat bacon? Come on now, a burger? Surely you can’t survive without a burger!” Yes, it is true, while turning away from steak and bacon, one truly cannot survive without a burger of some sort. It makes you feel good, and lets you re-live family cookout days. Thank you, thank you, Boylan Heights, for saving us vegans.

I know it seems odd that a mix of carrots, mushrooms, brown rice, and onions could possibly compare to a juicy burger thrown on the grill, but the Boylan Heights vegan burger really does. I had to look a few times to make sure… Read More

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Boylan Heights 

boylan heights - 11There are basically two kinds of burgers for sale out there: The thick and fancy restaurant burger taller than a 10-gallon hat, with toppings like feta and spinach, and the thinner grease-pit burger, with toppings like ketchup and mustard. Boylan Heights serves up the former, and they do it well.

The interior is like posh exposed-brick boutique meets frat house. A bar with backlit bottles vies for attention with a massive portrait depicting a scene… Read More

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