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Hazelnut Heaven at Blue Moon Diner

Hazelnut Heaven – nutella, bananas, and bacon – at Blue Moon Diner in Charlottesville, VAI know I write a lot about brunch these days but what can I say? It’s my favorite meal of the week, and our dinner adventures have been scaling back in inverse proportion to the baby that has been growing in Erin’s belly. Anyway, my favorite meal of the week just got a little bit more favoriter with the recent discovery of Blue Moon Diner‘s “Hazelnut Heaven” sandwich.

It’s the sandwich Elvis would have eaten every day had he been more a nutella guy than a peanut butter guy. Nutella… Read More

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2nd Annual Midtown Street Fair: BBQ Cook-off

Maya's smokily delicious pulled pork with peach mustard sauce at the 2nd Annual Midtown Street Fair in Charlottesville, VASaturday was the perfect day for the 2nd Annual Midtown Street Fair. Amidst live music, thumb wrestling contests, face painting, and the Derby Dames, was an intense BBQ Cookoff. We had the pleasure of being judges, alongside Police Chief Longo, City Manager Maurice Jones, and Director of Neighborhood Development Services Jim Tolbert.

Blue Moon Diner, Horse & Hound Gastropub, Maya, Orzo Kitchen & Wine Bar, and Zinc offered up their best pork plates for West Main BBQ bragging rights. Orzo’s rich saucy Q was the winner, followed by runner-up Maya’s pulled pork with peach mustard sauce… Read More

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Bacon Night at Blue Moon Diner

Bacon Bloody MaryLove, Thy Name is Bacon…

This was my first time trying Blue Moon Diner’s Annual Bacon Lover’s Menu on Valentine’s Day. And to hell with my cardiologist, I’m planning to do it again next year.

We started off with the bacon bloody mary. The horseradish overshadowed the bacon by a long stretch, but whatever the olives were stuffed with was a hit at the table. I admit I hadn’t noticed the BLT Martini on the menu and I think I may have preferred that. I’m planning to try it when it reappears on their menu during the summer months.

The first course was a little vague on the menu, but the plate contained spicy batter dipped… Read More

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Blue Moon Diner Brunch 

Cozy Blue Moon interior with fire in the winter.I haven’t been looking forward to writing this review since a few friends told me that Blue Moon Diner was their favorite place in town, and then menacingly asked if we had reviewed it yet. So as fair warning: in the ancient blue brunch battle of Charlottesville, my loyalties lie with the Bluegrass Grill. Sorry Team Blue Moon – I know there are many of you – and you may want to stop reading now.

There is good food to eat and good things to say about the Blue Moon Diner on West Main. The ingredients are local and fresh, the coffee mugs… Read More

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French Toast Cage Match: West Main vs. Blue Moon

West Main's Corn Flake-coated cinnamon roll french toastLet’s get ready to [have a stomach] rumble! Even if you’re not normally a French toast person, which I wasn’t until recently, this French toast is going to kick your derriere and leave you sucking your thumb in the gutter. This French toast is going to smash your face and send you to the dentist. Okay, so French toast doesn’t have the muscle to do all that, but it has all the cunning and sneak-attack deadliness of French Savate boxing, and cinnamon to boot. Don’t come crying to… Read More

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