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Best in Wings

Someone once asked me this question: “Can you really tell the difference between the wings at Wild Wing Café and the wings at BW3?” I put down my wing, licked my fingers, slapped him across the face, and said, “You should be ashamed of yourself.” I picked my delicious wing back up and gnawed on it as I said, “There are at least two things wrong with what you just said. First, of course there’s a difference. You just have to eat chicken wings with disgusting regularity like I do. Second, the two wing joints you mention serve some of the most mediocre wings in town.” That’s when he slapped the wing out of my hand and said, “Oh yeah? Look at the poll results and then tell me… Read More

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Beer Run 

Beer Run - 05For those of you who aren’t familiar with Beer Run on Carlton Road, here’s the premise: take a convenience store and fill it with beer and wine, throw in a cheap menu with bar classics like nachos and burgers, and add some picnic benches outside. This simple but smart idea has created a popular spot that’s great for the casual and devoted drinker. But I must admit – bring on the ire of the Beer Run devotees – I’m perplexed when people get really enthusiastic about this place. Maybe I just need to change my perspective. As a convenience store to grab a six pack on your way to a party, it’s a gold medal winner. As a casual… Read More

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