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Five Favorite Dishes 2011

Last year I took on the difficult task of selecting my five favorite things to eat from local restaurants. But a lot changes over a year: new delights are discovered, and old favorites are eaten frequently enough to result in overdose and temporary avoidance. So it seemed time for a new Best in Chow to capture my five favorite dishes at this point in time. Some things never change, of course: a perfectly fried dish sits atop both lists.

Pimento Deviled Eggs
How to make already delicious, decadent deviled eggs even better? Add some pimento cheese, of course. While more restaurants are adding deviled eggs to their menu (still not enough), I think Rapture’s… Read More

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Interview with Chef Craig Hartman of BBQ Exchange

Chef Craig Hartman (photo courtesy of Barbeque Exchange)Chef Craig Hartman is owner of BBQ Exchange in Gordonsville. Since opening this year, he’s served 140,000 lbs of pork.


Cooking alongside of the railroad tracks is quite a scenery change from your country club days.  What inspired the transition from table cloths to picnic tables?

I hate to say that I’m starting to get older, but I actually started feeling it recently. The kitchen is like athletics – it’s a grueling kind of pace, and I spent the last 38 years really away from my family. I started feeling more sore when I woke up and more exhausted… Read More


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