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baggbys - 8If there is one thing that Charlottesville over-serves it’s sandwiches. We have a lot of spinach-artichoke dip and egg rolls and jalapeño poppers too — sometimes all on the same menu — but sandwich shops are squished into this city’s limits like so many turkey cold cuts. Some of them are skippable, but many serve up fresh ingredients in creative, well-executed combinations that are more than worthy of your lunch hour. Baggby’s is one such establishment. In addition to old faithfuls like egg salad and pastrami you can find newfangled genre-benders like the Sedona Read More

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Food Find: Baggby’s The Sedona

The Sedona
Sometimes I wish I could be a vegetarian, but my taste buds always win out over moral qualms. I would have a better shot if there were more good, hearty, inventive vegetarian options around, like the Sedona. Baggby’s newest sandwich is billed as a vegetarian cheesesteak and it delivers… Read More

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