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Best in Frozen Treats

Toppings galore.It’s rare that we disagree strongly about something. Usually we’re a half-star or maybe – maybe! – a full star away from the other’s point of view. When it comes to Charlottesville’s frozen treats, however, things can get ugly. At least on the page. In reality, things are rarely ugly when frozen treats of any kind are going into your mouth. Speaking of which, we love Ben & Jerry’s but didn’t include it and other nationwide chains in favor of more local or regional options. Whether you agree, disagree, or know of a great place nearby that we haven’t tried, let us know in the comments! Read More

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Food Find: Pumpkin Frozen Yogurt at Arch’s

Arch's Pumpkin Frozen YogurtPumpkin flavored stuff rules. Especially in the harvest season, on a dramatic autumn night, with the moon shining bright and dry leaf carcasses clacking about.

I’ve already talked about the pumpkin pancakes to be had on Emmet Street. But did you know about the pumpkin frozen yogurt a few doors down?

Take cinnamony pumpkin sweetness, freeze it, pipe it into a 5 oz. cup, sprinkle with graham crackers, smear with Arch’s famous gooey brownies, repeat. Delicious!

Note: This was at the Emmet St. Arch’s. There are different flavors from day to day and from location to location, so be sure to call the flavor hotline before going to see what they… Read More

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Arch’s Frozen Yogurt 

archs - 2

I remember when frozen yogurt first arrived. For me this was at a deli in Dayton, Ohio called “The Upper Crust.” At the end of the counter there was a huge metal machine that looked like something out of a 50′s science-fiction movie. You pulled the handle and out came pale pink strawberry goodness similar to ice cream but fluffier, and good for you too!
Fast-forward a few years and several hundred miles to Charlottesville in the mid-90’s. I’m at UVA with a really bad haircut… Read More

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