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millers   - 1You don’t go to Miller’s for the food. You go for the party. People-watching over a pitcher of beer in the middle of the mall outside, small jazz and alt music shows or weekday bar-flying on the ground floor, more civilized conversation upstairs, and rough-and-tumble billiards up the side stairs on the top floor. Food is there to assist you in whatever plans you might have at Miller’s that evening, not… Read More

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Boylan Heights 

boylan heights - 11There are basically two kinds of burgers for sale out there: The thick and fancy restaurant burger taller than a 10-gallon hat, with toppings like feta and spinach, and the thinner grease-pit burger, with toppings like ketchup and mustard. Boylan Heights serves up the former, and they do it well.

The interior is like posh exposed-brick boutique meets frat house. A bar with backlit bottles vies for attention with a massive portrait depicting a scene… Read More

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