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Poll: Best Cup of Coffee in Charlottesville?

Best Coffee in CharlottesvilleA friend recently asked me where to find the best cup of coffee in Charlottesville. Actually, he asked me to confirm that his opinion was the right one. Since I inherited a non-coffee-drinking habit from my dad I thought I’d throw the question out to the more knowledgeable among us. Please vote and share any additional thoughts or tips in the comments.

Results will be revealed on Wednesday 11/30. Merry Thanksgiving to all!

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Poll: Best Chicken Wings in Charlottesville?

Tasty wings at an undisclosed Charlottesville restaurantI need your help. I’ve wanted to do a Best Wings post for a long time, but I can never talk Erin into doing the necessary legwork (get it…legwork?) to provide a counterpoint to my biased perspective. As a result, I’m asking you, knowledgeable Charlottesville wingdingers, to vote on your favorites. The results will occupy a column of their own in the upcoming “Best in Wings” review.

If you leave a comment with a sentence or two about why you like a particular wing, we might also quote you – with full credit, of course – in the post. Many thanks for your help, good people! Read More

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