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Late Night at C&O 

Pastrami, swiss, and horseradish panini at C&O Restaurant in Charlottesville, VAFor most people out and about past a certain hour in the evening, the inevitable late-night snack attack hits. The Corner does a fair job of catering to the ravenous college set, what with Christian’s special hours at its 14th Street and West Main location. But what are the options for good food downtown after 9 o’clock, especially in settings where more fun — and alcohol — are still to be had?

The C&O, one of Charlottesville’s most venerable fine dining restaurants, offers a fairly extensive late-night menu to meet almost any bargoer’s cravings. Especially gourmet ones – pizza and burgers do not make the… Read More

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Buttz BBQ 

Three meats, two sides platter: (clockwise from top left) pulled pork, ribs, baked beans, white slaw and pulled chicken.When considering the range of late-night food options on the Corner, one could wonder what more they could ask for. Between pizza, sandwiches, and burritos, it seemed that any eater could get their fill after midnight. Now, Buttz BBQ has stumbled onto the scene, and is serving delicious barbeque from 11:30 pm – 3 am. What’s even better than barbeque that tastes great at  2 am? Barbeque that tastes just as good at 7 pm. That’s exactly what Buttz delivers.

Buttz offers several types of meat and many different accompanying sides. After hearing rumors that this joint was serving up worthwhile barbeque on… Read More

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Cucumber Margarita at Ventana

Ventana's refreshing cucumber margaritaA margarita at Ventana is an entirely different and superior species than the frozen neon green concoctions in salt-crusted glasses you see in chains across America. The delicious and sophisticated flavors include tangerine, habanero, jalapeño, and seafoam, but I think the cucumber margarita is the cream of the tequila crop.

It’s the rare tequila drink that makes you feel refreshed, but this Ventana concoction is the alcoholic equivalent of a cucumber eye mask at a spa. The flavor is fresh and tangy with the breezy cucumber flavor balancing perfectly with the tequila zing. It’s topped off with Ventana’s sea foam, which should be patented and served with margaritas worldwide. The frothy foam with… Read More

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Food Find: Asia Specialty Late Night Food

Pork dumplings: yummy and cheap.One of my longstanding weekend traditions after leaving a bar late in the evening is to spend the rest of the night bemoaning the lack of downtown late night food, in addition to general whining that my feet hurt and I’m cold. Good times for Jed. So I’m not sure who was more excited when we recently heard there was a restaurant a mere block away from the downtown mall serving food until 5:00 am.

Last weekend, we headed to Asia Speciality on Market Street (the old Bohéme spot) to confirm this rumor. And it’s true – there has been late night downtown food right under our noses this whole time!… Read More

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C & O Restaurant 

c&o - 19Whenever parents come into town or there’s something to celebrate, I go all Pavlov’s dog and start salivating for C & O’s Artichoke Paté. That’s the great thing about C & O: yes, it’s an institution in this town. But it’s that rare institution that continues to produce good, inventive food, and I think it’s hard to beat for a special night out.

It doesn’t look like much from the outside (especially during the day before the torches come out) but the charmingly incongruous Pepsi sign outside marks one of the most charming interiors in town. The back patio feels far removed from the downtown scene, the Mezzanine is as cozy as can be with a wood burning stove… Read More

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Zocalo’s Fresa Negra

zocalo finds - 3When Zocalo’s Joya McMurray recently won Best of C-ville bartender for the second year running, it seemed time to make a return trip to the downtown hot spot for a fancy cocktail. I was looking for something different, although I’m not sure I expected something quite as different as the ominously delicious sounding Fresa Negra (“black strawberry”), a fascinating chili-infused blackberry lemonade with Maker’s Mark Bourbon, Skyy Vodka, or Cuervo Tequila. I chose vodka and awaited the first sip. Surprisingly, it worked: the spice was artfully balanced with the lemonade’s tangy sweetness. It was purple and pleasingly strange and I felt like I was at Happy Hour in a Tim Burton movie. True… Read More

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Cantina in the old Marthas Café building (photo from the Hook)
Though we were sad to see Martha’s Café go, we were happy to hear that a taqueria had arrived in its place. Cantina has preserved the same homey feel as Martha’s but the menu is straightforward Tex-Mex, with basically nothing besides nachos, tacos, quesadillas, and burritos.

I had the spicy chicken quesadillas, which sounded delicious — cumin, chili, cheese, etc. — with a tall limeade on the side. Erin… Read More

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