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Maya Brunch 

Vegetable potato cake with smoked salmon, sour cream, and chivesWe have an unhealthy relationship with brunch. And by unhealthy I mean not only that we invest an alarming portion of our happiness in a positive brunch experience every weekend, but also that it is literally unhealthy. I eat lots and lots of bacon, and Erin eats lots and lots of fried potatoes. Our favorite brunch places and dishes are so entrenched in our lives that it’s an act of tremendous will to go somewhere else, as we did one recent Sunday when we went to Maya. It was fine, but I missed our usuals.

Maya offers a brunch menu that… Read More

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Food Event: The Seasonal Cook Class

Michael Pollan recently wrote a great article for the New York Times on Americans’ increasing obsession with cooking shows on TV, even while we spend less time than ever actually cooking food at home. Despite my love for Top Chef, Bobby Flay, and Barefoot Contessa, many of his points resonated. The kitchen stadium-type cooking on TV is glossier, dramatic, and incredibly entertaining – but misses the messy reality and occasional failures of actual cooking.
With his laments ringing in my ears, we headed for a Berries and Stone Fruit class and dinner at the Seasonal Cook. Read More

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Horse & Hound Gastropub 

Bucket o' friesBrunch, the best meal ever, always poses a difficult question: high brow or low brow? Usually I prefer my brunch to be a low brow but delicious affair, which explains nearly weekly visits to the Tavern. But it’s fun to mix it up every once in awhile with a more… Read More

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