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B Blues BBQ 

B Blues BBQ smoker at the Joy gas station in Charlottesville, VAI’ve always felt like the number of BBQ joints in town is out of sync with the quantity and enthusiasm of pork-consuming Charlottesvillians. Consider the fact that we have at least 9 Thai restaurants, 26 Mexican restaurants, and 27 Chinese restaurants.* Many of the proprietors of these establishments have traveled 1000s of miles to set up shop in our fair town and have taken a gamble on forging a viable business out of a foreign cuisine where there are nevertheless many established competitors and where authentic ingredients can be harder to come by.

Now look at BBQ. Five restaurants in Charlottesville… Read More

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Super Tacos at La Michoacana

If you ask someone in this town to direct you to the best tacos, you’ll hear one of the following:

Cinema Taco

• The tacos at the Farmer’s Market on Saturday morning

Aqui es Mexico

La Michoacana

In all fairness, I haven’t tried the Farmer’s Market samplings – I hear they’re the best – but among the others, my money goes to La Michoacana. They’ve been inconsistent over the years, and I don’t much enjoy their burritos or other offerings, but the tacos are tops.

Of the possible taco tortilla options – crunchy corn, soft corn, or soft flour – La… Read More

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Burger Cage Match: Five Guys vs. Riverside Lunch

five guys - 7The saturated fat heavyweights of Charlottesville’s burger scene have to be Riverside Lunch and Five Guys. A fight promoter here and there has tried to throw Boylan Heights, Cheeseburger in Paradise, and sometimes even Red Robin into the ring, but those wealthy froof burgers, delicious though they may be, can’t help but succumb to the relentless body slam assault of Riverside and 5G.

In one corner is Riverside Lunch, a long-standing favorite among Charlottesvillians. In some ways it is both the defending champ and the underdog, having been here much longer than Five Guys and… Read More

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Riverside Lunch 

riverside - 1We were out celebrating a friend’s birthday the other night and after a few beers the guy sitting next to me said, “Crozet Pizza and Riverside are the two most overhyped restaurants in the Charlottesville area.” I bit my tongue and told myself to find a happy place and then I asked… Read More

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