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Curry Chicken Salad at Eppie’s

We just returned from an amazing trip to Ireland, a country that deserves a much better food reputation than it has. Who wouldn’t love a place where every restaurant has, on average, ten different potato dishes? I’m hoping we helped with the country’s economic recovery through our food and drink bill, but I think it will be awhile before I can order lamb, duck, or Guinness.

For my own Ireland recovery, I’m turning to a summer salad regimen for the foreseeable future. The timing is great as I just discovered my new favorite lunch order: Eppie’s Curry Chicken Salad. I’m averaging two a week and I can’t get enough. You can order the curry chicken as a sandwich as… Read More

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Bazaar Salad at the Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar

My new favorite salad: The Bazaar SaladMy recent Food Finds have not been a study in dietary restraint: biscuits and gravy, ice cream, chorizo burrito, cookies, you get the clogged artery picture. The only salad that’s earned Food Find status included fried food, cheese, and buttermilk. So I’m grateful that the Tea Bazaar has provided a find that’s good for overall health in addition to taste buds.

The Tea Bazaar’s signature salad is full of delicious and unexpected surprises. It starts with an overflowing plate of fresh produce with mixed greens, carrots, cucumbers, and tomatoes. Golden raisins and candied walnuts add a touch of sweetness, and the entire thing is topped off with paper-thin pear slices and creamy feta cheese… Read More

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The Double Bratoberfest at The Nook

It’s almost impossible for me to pass up brats when I see them on a menu or in a cart, especially at sporting events or anytime in the month of October. But I wasn’t  sure I had ordered wisely (sorry, Snooki) when I saw these two meat-pops land under my nose.

How mistaken I was. Not only was it a wise decision but it was real smart too. Beer-soaked sausage with sweet braised onions atop a couple of stripes of mustard on a potato roll, with kettle chips on the side? Huzzah! Great texture, strong beer flavor, extra soft roll, everything just right.

For all you sausage-eating types… Read More

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Watermelon, feta, shallots, and pea tendrils.There’s an exciting restaurant newcomer in town that’s upped the ante on the local food scene. We’ve only had one meal at Brookville, but it was a delicious, memorable dinner that celebrated the best this season and area has to offer.

Brookville is located in the former Upstairs/Al Dente space above Escafé. It’s more out of the way than other mall spots that easily attract passersby, so I hope the spot won’t be tough for them. It’s a welcoming space that was far too empty for the delicious meal we were about to have. The entry room includes a large bar, exposed brick walls, bookshelves filled with cookbooks to thumb through, and a communal table… Read More

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The Downtown Hotdog Company 

The Downtown Hot Dog CompanyAh, the hot dog. Baseball and barbecue staple, street minute-meal for the suddenly starved. Proud poster child of American no-nonsense-ness, butt of mystery meat and wiener jokes.

Or so it was. The arrival of The Downtown Hotdog Company, along with such international crazes as Japadog, heralds a new era of thinking about and eating hot dogs. No longer content to be monopolized by Oscar Meyer or confined to white buns, Heinz ketchup, French’s mustard, and maybe some diced onions or pickle relish, the noble wiener is going gourmet.

At the Downtown Hotdog Company, you can pick from a dozen arrangements – including such stand-outs as “The Dragon” with… Read More

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Sweet Frog

Original tart flavor, blueberries, mango, strawberries, coconut, mochi: perfection.There have been signs that I’m rapidly developing a problem. It started out innocently enough when I heard that Sweet Frog, the new self-serve yogurt place on the downtown mall, was about to open. I began thinking about it an awful lot, thanks to a pre-existing addiction to Pinkberry, the original California-based yogurt trend. After its opening last week, I grew slightly concerned when I visited Sweet Frog three times in 38 hours. And I was downright embarrassed when I ate it so quickly last night that I developed the hiccups. So I may have a problem – but it’s a delicious one.

Sweet Frog (next door to Escafé) has ten yogurt… Read More

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Cantaloupe Smoothie at Java Java

Java Java's Cantaloupe SmoothieThe recent string of a million degree humid weather has made my mid-afternoon coffee outings from the office rather unappealing. Loading up on ice cream seems much better yet a bit too decadent for every afternoon. So what’s a downtown worker to do in this heat? Lately I’ve been hitting Java Java Downtown to try their fruit smoothies for a different kind of afternoon pick-me-up. While there are more traditional smoothie flavors, my favorite is the delicious and unique Cantaloupe smoothie.

Java Java’s Cantaloupe Smoothie is a little less sweet than other fruit blends. It’s icy and creamy with a hint of honey and spice to it, with a beautiful pastel color that screams summer. It’s a… Read More

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Adam’s Apple Sandwich at Rev Soup

Rev Soup Adam's Apple - 4

It took me awhile to venture beyond Rev Soup’s forte – quite obviously, its soups – to try its non-liquid offerings. Which means I wasted valuable time in finding one of the most delicious sandwiches in town.

There’s a lot to love about Rev Soup.  The fact that they offer sustainably raised local food (their latest project is a recently purchased Rev Soup Farm).  The eclectic, delicious wine selection that tempts you in the order line, especially because all bottles are under $10.  And come on, Rev Soup could stay in business just serving the Spicy Senegalese Tofu Peanut Soup.  There’s… Read More

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German Chocolate Ice Cream at Chaps

Chaps German Chocolate Ice CreamIt’s currently 92 degrees out with the usual June humidity adding an extra level of discomfort. And yet I’m choosing to sit outside on the downtown mall, withering more in the sun with every passing moment. Why subject myself to this Virginia heat? Because soon it will make a cone of Chaps ice cream even more delicious and appreciated.

Chaps isn’t about espresso chile sorbet or ginger passionfruit gelato or mini mochi toppings or anything else fancy. It’s about ice cream, pure and simple. The ice cream is handmade, the flavors are classic, and the setting looks like the Peach Pit grew up and went through some rough times. Chaps is… Read More

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Camino on Market Street by Vinegar Hill TheaterI remember when Erin and I discovered Il Cane Pazzo. It was a cold autumn night, and we had decided to see a movie at Vinegar Hill. In the ticket line, Erin craned her neck to take in the warm glow of the restaurant next door. “Why have we never noticed this place?” she said. I shrugged and went over to look at the menu. Just a few items, classic Italian with a twist here and there, not cheap. As it turns out, it was also fantastically delicious. Some of the best Italian either of us had ever had. When it went away and Camino took… Read More

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