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Plank Road Exchange 

Plank Road Exchange in Batesville (outside Charlottesville, VA)The closing of the Batesville Store was a miserable shame, and to the people responsible: what you’ve done is bad and you should feel bad. It was the perfect nearby getaway, music venue, food destination, the quintessential small town hangout. However, as one door closes, one more opens.

The brand new Plank Road Exchange is of course different from the Batesville Store with different guiding forces and a different overall feel. However, it basically looks the same and still offers delicious house-made foods and specials, frequent live music, and the lovely small-town charm. It’s new, of course, and still has kinks to work out, but the Exchange offers a wide selection… Read More

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The Batesville Store

The Batesville Store outside Charlottesville, VAWhen I was young, I was infatuated with a Spielberg-produced TV show called “Amazing Stories.” One episode was about an artistic ball turret gunner whose quaintly captivating drawings had a way of coming to life. I’m pretty sure he didn’t do any sketches of small-town restaurant-stores in rural Virginia, but if he had, they might have featured The Batesville Store.

If you’ve never heard of Batesville, it’s where you end up if you drive past the old Albemarle County Fair location on Plank Road, just off 29 South. You can’t miss it. It’s as if the tiny town of Batesville exists only to support the store… Read More

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