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Jed and Chef Ed's favorite, the Umali brulée.Drinking the last of our wine at the table with Chef Ed Nafei hours after the other diners and servers had left the restaurant was the finale to a truly memorable and amusing dining experience at Savour. How did we get to that point? We have our friend and dining companion Liz to thank, as well as Chef Ed’s appreciation for a challenge and his uncanny ability to read people. When we were seated at our table several hours earlier, Chef Ed had warmly greeted us right away and asked if we had any questions about the menu. As he started to describe the three fish specials, Liz – who has a discerning palette… Read More

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Maharaja Treat

A recent Maharaja Treat takeout.A tip for those, like me, who believe that Indian food is best enjoyed in large quantities: Maharaja has a brilliant menu option that will help you reach max stomach capacity in a budget-friendly way. I’ve always had a difficult time deciding between my favorite Indian dishes. That is, until we discovered the Maharaja Treat. This menu option allows you to select two “half” entrees for the price of one ($13.90 for Vegetarian, $14.90 for Chicken, $15.90 for Lamb) although we’ve always found the servings are much closer to a full size than a half. You can easily split one Maharaja Treat between two if you want a lighter experience, or… Read More

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Ho-Hum Chicken Tikka MasalaIf you read cVillain or spend time on, you have witnessed the absurd mudslinging battles between two of Charlottesville’s three or four Indian restaurants. I won’t go into detail now — I’ll save it for the curry cage match coming later — but suffice to say that Milan considers itself the premier Indian restaurant in town, and many people I know would agree. I personally find it the least good of all of them.

We were with a big group on our most recent visit, so we ordered a dozen different dishes. We had the Samosas, Chicken Tikka Masala, Palak Paneer, Chili Chicken, Tandoori Chicken, and Shrimp Masala… Read More

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Food Find: Pumpkin Frozen Yogurt at Arch’s

Arch's Pumpkin Frozen YogurtPumpkin flavored stuff rules. Especially in the harvest season, on a dramatic autumn night, with the moon shining bright and dry leaf carcasses clacking about.

I’ve already talked about the pumpkin pancakes to be had on Emmet Street. But did you know about the pumpkin frozen yogurt a few doors down?

Take cinnamony pumpkin sweetness, freeze it, pipe it into a 5 oz. cup, sprinkle with graham crackers, smear with Arch’s famous gooey brownies, repeat. Delicious!

Note: This was at the Emmet St. Arch’s. There are different flavors from day to day and from location to location, so be sure to call the flavor hotline before going to see what they… Read More

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Food Find: The Tavern’s Pumpkin Pancakes

tavern pumpkin pancakesThough I have a bias for all things pumpkin flavored, I think I’m being objective when I say that the pumpkin pancakes currently featured at The Tavern are the best food in the history of cooking. Thick but delicate, rich but balanced, and threaded through with cinnamony ginger pumpkin deliciousness, they have enough body to satisfy a hearty breakfast appetite, the edibility of a light pumpkin bread, and the fun of a holiday cookie. Even if you don’t add a whisper of whipped butter and a few ribbons of syrup as I do, you’ll be amazed by the flavor. Whether you’re a Tavern fan or not, a pancake eater or omelette eater, consider swinging by… Read More

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Cavalier Diner 

cavalier diner - 1I can say without hesitation that our recent trip to the Cavalier Diner on Emmet Street (previously Sam’s Kitchen) resulted in one of the worst meals we’ve had in Charlottesville. Or anywhere. It was so bad that for the few belchy hours that followed Erin kept asking me if I thought she was going to get sick. I forced a smile and assured her she didn’t eat enough for that. But I wondered.

The first sign of trouble is when you walk in. It’s nice enough from the exterior, and the interior actually isn’t terrible to look at. The problem is that it’s not so nice to smell. I don’t know how to describe it… Read More

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Bodo’s Bagels 

bodos - 07If you live full-time in Charlottesville and have a mouth and haven’t had a bagel from Bodo’s you should be the subject of one those psych experiments at UVA where they pay you $10 to breathe through a juice-box straw for an hour while asking you questions about whether you think you’re… Read More

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Arch’s Frozen Yogurt 

archs - 2

I remember when frozen yogurt first arrived. For me this was at a deli in Dayton, Ohio called “The Upper Crust.” At the end of the counter there was a huge metal machine that looked like something out of a 50′s science-fiction movie. You pulled the handle and out came pale pink strawberry goodness similar to ice cream but fluffier, and good for you too!
Fast-forward a few years and several hundred miles to Charlottesville in the mid-90’s. I’m at UVA with a really bad haircut… Read More

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