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El Agave 

img_0136If you’ve taken any road trips in the last 10 years, you’ve surely noticed the Mexican restaurants popping up like Mexican jumping beans in all but the most far-flung reaches of this nation. For years I passed them by with a snicker, imagining the diarrhea-inducing dog food that they must serve at such places. Don’t get me wrong — I felt similarly about many truck stops.

Which goes to show how much of a snob I can be… Read More

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L’s Burrito & Juice Company 

ls-burrito-and-juice-cart-1Let’s start with the good news: the arrival of L’s Burrito & Juice Company, via cart, means that burritos are back on the downtown mall. The burrito cart, as it surely will be referred to by most, is at 1st and Main (in front of Derrière de Soie) every weekday. L’s menu is nicely restrained to chicken, pork, beef, and vegetarian tacos or burritos, a couple of sides, homemade limeade, and homemade sweet tea. And the guy makes waiting in line fun… Read More

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Cantina in the old Marthas Café building (photo from the Hook)
Though we were sad to see Martha’s Café go, we were happy to hear that a taqueria had arrived in its place. Cantina has preserved the same homey feel as Martha’s but the menu is straightforward Tex-Mex, with basically nothing besides nachos, tacos, quesadillas, and burritos.

I had the spicy chicken quesadillas, which sounded delicious — cumin, chili, cheese, etc. — with a tall limeade on the side. Erin… Read More

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