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Maharaja Treat

A recent Maharaja Treat takeout.A tip for those, like me, who believe that Indian food is best enjoyed in large quantities: Maharaja has a brilliant menu option that will help you reach max stomach capacity in a budget-friendly way. I’ve always had a difficult time deciding between my favorite Indian dishes. That is, until we discovered the Maharaja Treat. This menu option allows you to select two “half” entrees for the price of one ($13.90 for Vegetarian, $14.90 for Chicken, $15.90 for Lamb) although we’ve always found the servings are much closer to a full size than a half. You can easily split one Maharaja Treat between two if you want a lighter experience, or… Read More

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Food Find: Miller’s Fried Green Tomato Salad

millers fried green tomato salad - 2Miller’s has stepped it up for the warmer months with some new menu items, including a twist on my favorite Southern summer staple. While a Fried Green Tomato Salad may sound like a healthy makeover of this classic, please remember this is Miller’s we’re talking about: healthy need not apply.

This salad consists of five deliciously fried tomato slabs covering a miniscule sprinkling of salad greens. The genius of the dish comes in the goat cheese and cucumber salsa that is layered over the tomatoes, adding a cool creamy balance to the hot fried deliciousness. Buttermilk dressing generously tops it all for a decadent dish best experienced with a midday beer on the patio… Read More

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Lime Leaf 

A fiery Ka Pao fried rice.I count eight Thai restaurants in the Charlottesville area, which is something to celebrate in a town of this size. But none is worth celebrating as much as Lime Leaf, the delicious gem tucked away north on Route 29 in the Rio Hill Shopping Center. I get a case of food rage every year when I read “Best of C-ville” and Thai ’99 tops the Asian category yet again. I’m not sure how C-ville voters continue to prefer one of the least impressive Thai places instead of the obvious best, but I hope anyone who hasn’t yet visited Lime Leaf will make the trek north to give the true deserving Thai champion… Read More

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Ho-Hum Chicken Tikka MasalaIf you read cVillain or spend time on, you have witnessed the absurd mudslinging battles between two of Charlottesville’s three or four Indian restaurants. I won’t go into detail now — I’ll save it for the curry cage match coming later — but suffice to say that Milan considers itself the premier Indian restaurant in town, and many people I know would agree. I personally find it the least good of all of them.

We were with a big group on our most recent visit, so we ordered a dozen different dishes. We had the Samosas, Chicken Tikka Masala, Palak Paneer, Chili Chicken, Tandoori Chicken, and Shrimp Masala… Read More

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Taste of China 

Taste of China - 01We started to get excited after reading various food blogs about a renowned yet mysterious Szechuan chef who had attracted a devoted cult of followers in DC before disappearing. After sightings in Atlanta and Knoxville, there was a rumor that THE Peter Chang was behind the new nondescript Taste of China restaurant in Albemarle Square. I tried to keep my expectations in check, but they shot up when we arrived to see the restaurant name in neon Chinese, as well as English, outside the strip mall exterior. And up even further when we walked in to an absolutely packed place featuring very little English, with a menu… Read More

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Open kitchen at MasI’m ambivalent towards tapas. On the one hand, it’s fun to try a variety of flavors over the course of an evening, and since they’re built for sharing they promote a more social dining experience. On the other hand, my taste buds are usually sufficiently excited by the standard two or three courses of a non-tapas meal, and I’m not a good sharer. Regardless of which camp you’re in, this hip bacony beacon in Belmont will make a believer out of even the least adventurous and sharingest among us.

The physical space of Mas is unusual. Situated funkily in the hairpin elbow of Carlton Avenue and Monticello Road, the yellow-umbrella’ed patio, which would… Read More

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Food Find: Baggby’s The Sedona

The Sedona
Sometimes I wish I could be a vegetarian, but my taste buds always win out over moral qualms. I would have a better shot if there were more good, hearty, inventive vegetarian options around, like the Sedona. Baggby’s newest sandwich is billed as a vegetarian cheesesteak and it delivers… Read More

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