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El Agave 

img_0136If you’ve taken any road trips in the last 10 years, you’ve surely noticed the Mexican restaurants popping up like Mexican jumping beans in all but the most far-flung reaches of this nation. For years I passed them by with a snicker, imagining the diarrhea-inducing dog food that they must serve at such places. Don’t get me wrong — I felt similarly about many truck stops.

Which goes to show how much of a snob I can be… Read More

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Doctor Ho’s Humble Pie 

dr hos - 5Dr. Ho must have gotten his degree from the University of Damn That’s Good! The pizzeria is about a 15-minute drive south from downtown Charlottesville and well worth the trip. Although it’s easy to drive by the exterior, the inside feels homey with a dash of hippie. The menu has a… Read More

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The Tavern 

the tavern - 1
One of the charms of Charlottesville dining is that the most uninviting exterior can conceal some of our town’s most delicious treasures. Like the carpenter’s chalice in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. The Tavern is one such diamond in the rough… Read More

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