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Al Hamraa 

alhamra - 06If you’ve ever been to the IX building, you may have passed a stretch of curtained glass with lights glowing inside. There was no big sign to advertise what might be happening in there, and unless you really stopped to investigate you probably thought the menu by the door was a flyer tacked to a corkboard.

Had you gone in, you would have seen what too few other Charlottesvillians have had the pleasure to see: A grand, ornamented dining room, looking as if it was lifted from the streets of Morocco and put back down next to the Blue Wheel Bicycle shop here in Cville. The bar is one of the most romantic in… Read More

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fleurie - 01Oh, fine French dining: the setting for a fancy night out to celebrate a promotion, propose a marriage, or, if you’re in a movie, to inevitably stumble into a waiter when he is carrying an enormous platter of heavy and very loud dishes.

I love fine dining settings. I love the candles, flowers, long wine list, and most of all, I just love feeling special. I don’t, however, always love the fancy French food that comes with these settings. Maybe I have a low tolerance for butter or some lingering rebellion against my Francophile mother. Regardless of the reason, after years in Charlottesville, we had never been to one of the poshest places… Read More

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Vivace Bar

vivace bar - 7My nominee for the most underutilized bar in Charlottesville goes to Vivace, hands down and with great enthusiasm. Yes, the Ivy Road location is a slight drive from downtown. But the reward upon arrival is great. First of all, there’s the popcorn machine where you can fill up old school popcorn baskets as much as you’d like. They… Read More

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duners - 03Duner’s is without a doubt one of the finest restaurants in central Virginia. Its menu, which changes almost daily, features rich game meats, excellent seafood, and farm-fresh produce. The food arrives artfully arranged on plates in a candlelit atmosphere that feels like a gussied up farmhouse dining room. The masterful service is always both friendly and formal, prompt but not hovering. If it weren’t for our most recent dining experience there I would definitely be giving it five stars… Read More

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tavola - 8
Tavola, the latest Belmont restaurant in the former Crush Wine Shop space, has been open for less than two weeks and I’ve already heard stellar reviews from three people.  After dinner last night, I’ll add my stellar review to the chorus.

The owners did a great job transforming the space: it’s cozy without feeling cramped, specials are on the chalkboard, and the kitchen is open (which foodies always love)…

The menu is… Read More

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