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Arch’s Frozen Yogurt 

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I remember when frozen yogurt first arrived. For me this was at a deli in Dayton, Ohio called “The Upper Crust.” At the end of the counter there was a huge metal machine that looked like something out of a 50′s science-fiction movie. You pulled the handle and out came pale pink strawberry goodness similar to ice cream but fluffier, and good for you too!
Fast-forward a few years and several hundred miles to Charlottesville in the mid-90’s. I’m at UVA with a really bad haircut… Read More

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Food Find: Splendora’s Cucumber Mint Gelato

cucumber mint gelatoSplendora is hit-or-miss for me, but in the summertime this cucumber mint gelato hits the spot. It was lacking on the mint side of the equation but the cucumber flavor was strong and fresh, with almost too much real cucumber pulp throughout. Regardless, a refreshing and not unhealthy — if you order the bambino size — treat on a hot day. Read More

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