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Saigon Cafe, a Vegan Review

Fried rice noodles with mixed veggies at Saigon Café in Charlottesville, VAOn our most recent visit to the reliable Saigon Café (menu here), we started with vegetable rolls – carrots, tree ears, bean vermicelli, cabbage, celery, onion wrapped in rice paper and fried. Delicious! Sometimes fried foods can be overwhelmingly fried, but these were really good, with a prominent veggie flavor. So good, we ordered a second helping. The dipping sauce is sweet but not overpowering, balanced out with a touch of spice. The rolls were served on a large bed of lettuce, which was a strangely aggressive presentation – I can’t imagine anyone eats it. We… Read More

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Vegan Burger at Boylan Heights

boylan-vegan-burger-3It’s funny, when you tell people you don’t eat meat there are three things they always say: “What about steak?? You don’t eat bacon? Come on now, a burger? Surely you can’t survive without a burger!” Yes, it is true, while turning away from steak and bacon, one truly cannot survive without a burger of some sort. It makes you feel good, and lets you re-live family cookout days. Thank you, thank you, Boylan Heights, for saving us vegans.

I know it seems odd that a mix of carrots, mushrooms, brown rice, and onions could possibly compare to a juicy burger thrown on the grill, but the Boylan Heights vegan burger really does. I had to look a few times to make sure… Read More

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Food Event: Charlottesville Vegetarian Festival

As I’ve mentioned before, we’re both firmly in the “wish we could be vegetarian but like meat way too much yet appreciate good vegetarian food and try to eat it often” camp. So we were excited to spend this past Saturday at the annual Charlottesville Vegetarian Festival despite the rainy weather.

Located in Lee Park, the festival was filled with adorable cats and dogs available for adoption. Strangely there seemed to be a lot more adoptable pets than vegetarian food, but perhaps the festival organizers were using don’t eat meat Jedi mind tricks via cuddly kittens. Our second surprise was the lack of local restaurants participating. Kudos to Maharaja and Royal Indian and local stores Whole Foods and Integral Yoga for being part of the day… Read More

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