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Sushi Love 

Sushi Love on ElliewoodA local neighborhood rag in San Francisco once published an unfavorable review of the popular low-end sushi restaurant We Be Sushi, and titled it “They Be Mushy.” Another reviewer once wrote of Nobu, the famous global sushi hot spot, “No bull, Nobu is sushi nobility.” Therefore, in what appears to be a long and international tradition of cheap plays on sushi restaurant names, I unofficially dub this review “Sushi Hate.”

That may be a bit extreme, actually. It’s more like “Sushi I Think of You More as a Friend.”

When evaluating a sushi restaurant, we try to order the basics and steer clear of the pan-Asian dishes that many such restaurants feel… Read More

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Food Find: Ten’s Tasting Menu

Ten - 10While Ten is undeniably one of the tastier restaurants in town, it doesn’t scream “bargain dining.” You can eat sushi flown in from the Pacific while sitting at a swank bar that feels more New York than Charlottesville, but you’re going to pay a premium to do so. Or so I thought, until a recent visit to Ten when we discovered their tasting menu.

As we were debating the eight-course tasting menu, our server (bless her heart) told us it was enough food for us to share. She was right: if we had each ordered the tasting menu, it would have been a painful roll home. But splitting the tasting was more than enough food for two (unless you’re… Read More

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Tokyo Rose 

Tokyo Rose - 5I’m perhaps the least qualified person ever to review a sushi restaurant. I avoid raw fish and hate the taste of seaweed. Yet I’m a big fan of Tokyo Rose, so consider this a heartfelt yet unqualified restaurant review.

Apparently back in the day this Ivy Road spot was a hot destination spot with great live music. Now, not so much. Since Tokyo Rose’s reopening in 2005, every time we visit there’s always a sprinkling of patrons but it doesn’t exactly scream nightlife. The setting is nice enough with a sushi bar that I’ve never seen anyone sit at and a private room with traditional Japanese floor seating. Supposedly there’s a downstairs karaoke bar but we have… Read More

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