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Tip Top Shawarma

Delicious lamb shawarma at Tip Top Restaurant in Charlottesville, VAThere are a three places in town that I generally don’t like as much as everyone else I know: Beer Run, Continental Divide, and Tip Top. I want to like them. I want to meet our friend Dave at Continental Divide and talk about kung fu over Red Hot Blues. I’d like to meet Whit at Beer Run and talk about religion over chicken wings. Maybe Paul and I could meet at Tip Top and talk about the city over shawarmas. Actually, this last one will definitely happen. Because I’m here to tell you, people: The shawarmas are where… Read More

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Cavalier Diner 

cavalier diner - 1I can say without hesitation that our recent trip to the Cavalier Diner on Emmet Street (previously Sam’s Kitchen) resulted in one of the worst meals we’ve had in Charlottesville. Or anywhere. It was so bad that for the few belchy hours that followed Erin kept asking me if I thought she was going to get sick. I forced a smile and assured her she didn’t eat enough for that. But I wondered.

The first sign of trouble is when you walk in. It’s nice enough from the exterior, and the interior actually isn’t terrible to look at. The problem is that it’s not so nice to smell. I don’t know how to describe it… Read More

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