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Donut Cage Match: Spudnuts vs. Carpe Donut

IMG_0116In the Charlottesville donut ring there are two main contenders. In one corner is the gluttonous heavyweight champ, Spudnuts, a Charlottesville stalwart for over 40 years and one link in a chain stretching back to the original Spudnuts shop in Salt Lake City circa 1946.

In the other corner is the flyweight Carpe Donut cart, a recent arrival, aged only two years.

At first glance, there is no question that the heavyweight will make smoosh out of the newcomer. It’s bigger, has a much larger selection, enjoys a loyal clientele, and compels a post-Jeffersonian C-ville mythos rivaled only by Riverside Lunch and Staples Barbershop… Read More

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Food Find: Carpe Donut Hawaiian Ice

county fair - 16In a sea of delicious but synthetic fried foods across the Albemarle County Fair grounds, the Carpe Donut cart is a welcome relief. I’ve long been a fan of their apple cider donuts (the cart offers them up on Fridays across the street from the downtown library), but the fair inspired me to try out their Hawaiian ice summer special. If you’re curious about how Hawaiian ice is different from Italian ice or the good old snow cone, donut guy Matt will give you a great history and technical explanation (when’s the last time your snow cone maker ever got into centrifugal force with you?) of how the Hawaiian ice distinguishes itself with its fluffy, snow-like consistency… Read More

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