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Watermelon, feta, shallots, and pea tendrils.There’s an exciting restaurant newcomer in town that’s upped the ante on the local food scene. We’ve only had one meal at Brookville, but it was a delicious, memorable dinner that celebrated the best this season and area has to offer.

Brookville is located in the former Upstairs/Al Dente space above Escafé. It’s more out of the way than other mall spots that easily attract passersby, so I hope the spot won’t be tough for them. It’s a welcoming space that was far too empty for the delicious meal we were about to have. The entry room includes a large bar, exposed brick walls, bookshelves filled with cookbooks to thumb through, and a communal table… Read More

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The Downtown Hotdog Company 

The Downtown Hot Dog CompanyAh, the hot dog. Baseball and barbecue staple, street minute-meal for the suddenly starved. Proud poster child of American no-nonsense-ness, butt of mystery meat and wiener jokes.

Or so it was. The arrival of The Downtown Hotdog Company, along with such international crazes as Japadog, heralds a new era of thinking about and eating hot dogs. No longer content to be monopolized by Oscar Meyer or confined to white buns, Heinz ketchup, French’s mustard, and maybe some diced onions or pickle relish, the noble wiener is going gourmet.

At the Downtown Hotdog Company, you can pick from a dozen arrangements – including such stand-outs as “The Dragon” with… Read More

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Sweet Frog

Original tart flavor, blueberries, mango, strawberries, coconut, mochi: perfection.There have been signs that I’m rapidly developing a problem. It started out innocently enough when I heard that Sweet Frog, the new self-serve yogurt place on the downtown mall, was about to open. I began thinking about it an awful lot, thanks to a pre-existing addiction to Pinkberry, the original California-based yogurt trend. After its opening last week, I grew slightly concerned when I visited Sweet Frog three times in 38 hours. And I was downright embarrassed when I ate it so quickly last night that I developed the hiccups. So I may have a problem – but it’s a delicious one.

Sweet Frog (next door to Escafé) has ten yogurt… Read More

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Brat Pizza at Blue Mountain Brewery

Brat pizza at Blue Mountain BreweryWhen we last visited Blue Mountain Brewery, we made the mistake of ordering only beer. We thought the food, though more creative than expected, was there for no other reason than to anchor the beer drinking. How naive we were!

Though our waiter eagerly pointed out the veggie pizza as his favorite item on the menu, we were inexorably drawn again and again to the brat pizza. We both spent a good chunk of our formative years in the mid-west, so sausage rarely gets past us uneaten, especially if it has wurst in its name. Besides, pizza with apples, balsamic… Read More

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Blue Moon Diner Brunch 

Cozy Blue Moon interior with fire in the winter.I haven’t been looking forward to writing this review since a few friends told me that Blue Moon Diner was their favorite place in town, and then menacingly asked if we had reviewed it yet. So as fair warning: in the ancient blue brunch battle of Charlottesville, my loyalties lie with the Bluegrass Grill. Sorry Team Blue Moon – I know there are many of you – and you may want to stop reading now.

There is good food to eat and good things to say about the Blue Moon Diner on West Main. The ingredients are local and fresh, the coffee mugs… Read More

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Black & White Cookies at Penne Lane

Black & White cookie at Penne Lane on Main Street, CharlottesvilleSo, I was sitting there eating this black and white cookie, talking to my girl, when I stopped mid-sentence and was like, “Holy crap, dude. This cookie is outrageously delicious!” That’s when she looked up at me with those wild, sugar-crazed tiger eyes of hers and said, “No way your cookie is as good as my macaroon. This coconut is off the hook, yo! Moist and crispy all at once!” Then we jumped on our horses and chased each other around and around the block, yippeeing and yee-hawing all the way. In the end I caught up to her and… Read More

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Ham, Goat Cheese & Plum Panini at Feast

Ham, Goat Cheese, and Plum Chutney Sandwich at FeastUntil a few years ago, the thought of fruit and meat together made my stomach turn. Maybe it’s because a friend of mine used to always make me try the strawberry-beef jerky she bought at the Chinese market. While that was unequivocally disgusting, this latest permanent addition to the Feast sandwich menu – one of three new sandwiches added this week – is delicious.

It’s a simple concoction – arugula is the only ingredient not in the name – but it hits all the right notes. The chutney is just the right balance of sweet and spicy, rounding out both the… Read More

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Food Find: Miller’s Fried Green Tomato Salad

millers fried green tomato salad - 2Miller’s has stepped it up for the warmer months with some new menu items, including a twist on my favorite Southern summer staple. While a Fried Green Tomato Salad may sound like a healthy makeover of this classic, please remember this is Miller’s we’re talking about: healthy need not apply.

This salad consists of five deliciously fried tomato slabs covering a miniscule sprinkling of salad greens. The genius of the dish comes in the goat cheese and cucumber salsa that is layered over the tomatoes, adding a cool creamy balance to the hot fried deliciousness. Buttermilk dressing generously tops it all for a decadent dish best experienced with a midday beer on the patio… Read More

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Aberdeen Barn 

The infamous cheese jar with breadstick.Sometimes you can only take so many organic vodka drinks and fusion tapas at swanky places downtown. You need something different for date night. You need the Aberdeen Barn. The Barn is a Charlottesville classic that takes you back to the days when the drinks were strong, the steak was red, the lettuce was iceberg, and one only heard rumors about people called vegetarians that lived in California.

On our recent visit, we got gussied up and headed to the red barn off Rt. 29. The hostess led us into the dimly lit room that was awash with white hair patrons and bow-tied waiters. We tucked into our cozy… Read More

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Bloody Mary Bar at Fellini’s

Bloody Mary bar at Fellini'sMaybe I just like my Bloody Marys swimming in Worcestershire, but something about the make-your-own approach makes any brunch more festive. I’m not sure how it took us so long to discover that Fellini’s has a make your own Bloody Mary bar on Sundays, but it’s far too many weekends missed.

First, you’ll be served a great mix that’s hearty, nicely seasoned, and with just the right hair-of-the-dog balance. Then you walk over to the bar and the real fun begins. All the fixings are there: eight different kinds of hot sauce, horseradish, A-1, bbq sauce, Worcestershire, Tabasco, lemons, limes, carrots, olives, celery, pickles, and (my favorite touch) pickle… Read More

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