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Tip Top Breakfast 

tiptop - 9It doesn’t require a lot to make my weekend mornings happy ones. No alarm clock, a nice cup of coffee, hearty eggs, and some fried potatoes go a long way. Tip Top seemed like a sure bet given its constantly crowded parking lot on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Counter seating and cozy booths for classic diner ambience? Check. Swiftly delivered food at bargain prices? Check. Friendly service? Check, with a big “what can I get you, sweetheart?” and smile. All the elements were in place.

The food, sadly, was not. Now, let me say up front that people we’ve talked to are big fans of the Tip Top lunch… Read More

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Bluegrass Grill and Bakery 

bluegrass - 7Half the people in this town will tell you that a brunch at the Bluegrass Grill and Bakery is a key part of any good weekend plan. But my weekend plan usually involves the following: wake up hungry, decide Bluegrass sounds like a good idea, drive past Bluegrass and see a line of 20 people waiting outside, feel hungry and grumpy, decide it will take too long to wait, go somewhere else. This repeated pattern has led me to my wisest Bluegrass lesson: go during the week. Read More

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Horse & Hound Gastropub 

Bucket o' friesBrunch, the best meal ever, always poses a difficult question: high brow or low brow? Usually I prefer my brunch to be a low brow but delicious affair, which explains nearly weekly visits to the Tavern. But it’s fun to mix it up every once in awhile with a more… Read More

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The Tavern 

the tavern - 1
One of the charms of Charlottesville dining is that the most uninviting exterior can conceal some of our town’s most delicious treasures. Like the carpenter’s chalice in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. The Tavern is one such diamond in the rough… Read More

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