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Black Market Moto Saloon, a Vegetarian Review

Interior of Black Market Moto Saloon in Charlottesville, VAGiven that I work right around the corner, I really had no excuse for taking so long to discover this excellent lunch spot. Matteus, the proprietor, is very friendly and serves up ridiculously large portions of great food. I should have eaten half of my sandwich on both occasions, but they were both so tasty that I couldn’t resist and waddled out of there feeling like I needed an early afternoon nap.

The first meal I had there was the tempeh reuben sandwich with a side of fries. I must admit that I have been vegetarian for so long that I have never had a… Read More

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Eppie’s Gazpacho (Best Vegan Lunch on the Mall)

Gazpacho at Eppie's in Charlottesville, VAI am a big fan of gazpacho. It’s so flavorful and there is zero guilt, no matter how much you eat. Today I walked over to Eppie’s to get myself a cup ($3.50! what a deal), and remembered something that not everyone knows: Eppie’s is a little hidden soup gem on the mall. They don’t overdo it by offering too many – they only have two soups per season. But they are all delicious.

The gazpacho at Eppie’s is blended nicely, garnished with finely chopped onions, cucumbers, chives, and peppers for those who like it a little chunky. The flavor is rather subtle at first but finishes with a nice kick. As… Read More

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Citizen Burger Bar, a (mostly) Vegan Review

Vegan Burger at Citizen Burger Bar in Charlottesville, VALet me just start this post with this: I hate beets. I have had several people tell me I am really missing out: “I could make beets for you and you would love it.” It’s never happened.

I was really excited for a new dining option on the mall and even happier to see they had a vegan option (vegan bun is available too). My excitement soon waned as I learned Citizen Burger Bar uses beets, along with quinoa and millet, for their vegan patties. Bold move, very bold. Beets are such a hit or miss item, I was surprised the… Read More

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Saigon Cafe, a Vegan Review

Fried rice noodles with mixed veggies at Saigon Café in Charlottesville, VAOn our most recent visit to the reliable Saigon Café (menu here), we started with vegetable rolls – carrots, tree ears, bean vermicelli, cabbage, celery, onion wrapped in rice paper and fried. Delicious! Sometimes fried foods can be overwhelmingly fried, but these were really good, with a prominent veggie flavor. So good, we ordered a second helping. The dipping sauce is sweet but not overpowering, balanced out with a touch of spice. The rolls were served on a large bed of lettuce, which was a strangely aggressive presentation – I can’t imagine anyone eats it. We… Read More

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Peter Chang’s China Grill, a Vegan Review

Shredded Pumpkin with Garlic at Peter Chang's China Grill in Charlottesville, VAEver waited way too long to see the movie everyone is raving about, the one that critics cant stop touting, only to find yourself asking “What’s all the fuss about?” This is exactly how we felt finally eating at Peter Chang’s. Just don’t see what the hype is all about. We were underwhelmed.

What we did like: It is really easy (as with most ethnic food) to eat vegan. We got the Veggie Spring Rolls, Shredded Pumpkin with Chili Peppers, and Pan Noodles with mixed vegetables.

The spring rolls were pretty typical, nothing to… Read More

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BBQ Exchange, a Vegan Review

Barbecued tofu "fu-q" at BBQ Exchange in Gordonsville, VAAfter hearing rave reviews about BBQ Exchange in Gordonsville, we were excited to try it out and see if a couple of vegans could actually make a meal out of it. For the most part, we were beyond impressed. Not only is the drive out there lovely, the place itself and the staff are equally welcoming. We immediately informed the woman behind the counter that we were vegan and asked what we could have. Despite being extremely busy on a gorgeous Sunday, one of the owners came out and spent a couple of minutes with us to ensure we were able to eat according to our wishes.

Our meal for the day: bbq tofu, spicy coleslaw… Read More

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Vegan Burger at Boylan Heights

boylan-vegan-burger-3It’s funny, when you tell people you don’t eat meat there are three things they always say: “What about steak?? You don’t eat bacon? Come on now, a burger? Surely you can’t survive without a burger!” Yes, it is true, while turning away from steak and bacon, one truly cannot survive without a burger of some sort. It makes you feel good, and lets you re-live family cookout days. Thank you, thank you, Boylan Heights, for saving us vegans.

I know it seems odd that a mix of carrots, mushrooms, brown rice, and onions could possibly compare to a juicy burger thrown on the grill, but the Boylan Heights vegan burger really does. I had to look a few times to make sure… Read More

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da Luca, a Vegan Review

Mixed green salad at da Luca restaurant and wine bar in Crozet, VAHaving grown a little bored with all of our usual choices in town, we recently made the trek out to Old Trail, near Crozet, to try da Luca. The restaurant’s website had us at “wine bar”, but seeing “Vegan Friendly” on their Urbanspoon page enticed us even further. For a wine bar, we felt like their wine list was a tad on the small side. However, they do make a good effort to feature several local and regional wines.

We were extremely impressed with the service. The staff was warm and friendly and quite accommodating when we asked about vegan options.  Sadly… Read More

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