If a Gargantuan Furry Bunny Could Please Bring Charlottesville the Following…

I recently wrote a letter to the Easter Bunny. He was due to swing by my pad later this month with Peeps, so I figured why not give him a shout and see if he could fetch some extra gifts. In my letter I requested the following additions to the Charlottesville food & drink scene…


A Beer Garden

Don’t get me wrong, there are several fantastic places in town to drink quality beer (I know them each more intimately than my own living room). I’m looking for something similar to a traditional German beer garden. I’m looking for massive picnic tables, colossal steins of draft beer, house-made sausages covered… Read More


Interview with Chef Harrison Keevil of Brookville Restaurant

Chef Harrison Keevil is chef/co-owner of Brookville Restaurant.


You studied foreign affairs at UVA, followed by a Parliamentary stint as a research assistant in London. How did this prepare you for the kitchen?

It really taught me that I didn’t want to be in a 4×4 cubicle. I grew up on a farm so I like the manual labor aspect as well as the human interaction and getting to see smiles on peoples’ faces. That more than anything told me what I didn’t want to do, which led me in this direction.

Once you realized what you didn’t want to do, how did you end up here?

Food… Read More


Interview with Chef Mark Gresge of l’etoile

Ever wondered about the faces behind the food? This is the first in a series of interviews with chefs and other Charlottesville food industry personalities by Curry, a new writer here at Mas to Millers.


GresgeChef Mark Gresge is owner of l’etoile restaurant. He lives in Charlottesville with his wife and three children.

Would the following be an acceptable analogy for the S.A.T.? Alton Brown is to food science as Mark Gresge is to food history.

I’m a chef and a food historian. I love our culinary past, heritage and history, and I want to translate that into the restaurant. I love the technical aspect of cooking. I was an… Read More

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Calling All Eaters

St. Maartens burger and friesWe’re looking for a few good eaters to join the Mas to Millers team. Do you feel strongly about food and drink in this town? Maybe you’re an expert on the family-friendliest restaurants in Charlottesville, or a connoisseur of the perfectly mixed martini. No matter what your passion may be, help us with our New Year’s Resolution to be kinder to our waistlines and wallets. Become a M2M reviewer!

We’re looking for a few people willing to contribute reviews, food finds, best in chow, or food news a handful of times throughout the year. It’s been over a year and a half since we’ve been shouting our feelings from the rooftop… Read More


Get Your Pho Fix at Lemongrass

If you haven’t had pho (pronounced “fuh”) – a Vietnamese noodle soup featuring beef or chicken or other more adventurous meats, with all kinds of fixins to jazz it up – put it on your calendar for lunch this weekend. Lemongrass, the Thai-Vietnamese restaurant on the Corner that is often though not always excellent, is serving up pho on Saturdays and Sundays from 12pm – 5pm.

What’s so great about it? We haven’t tried this particular pho yet, but there’s a certain addictive magic to most of them that’s hard to describe. Something about the way the lime-cilantro cuts into the rich, complex broth, and the comforting textures of the thinly sliced meat… Read More

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A Fond Farewell to Ventana

It’s with a heavy heart that we say a fond farewell to Ventana, one of our frequent haunts and home to some of the most interesting dishes in Charlottesville. As of today, the news is official that Ventana has closed down. We’ll try to avoid raging against the injustice of how many mediocre restaurants in this town seem to be doing fine, while we have to lose one that had some of the most adventurous, well-done food and beautiful setting, and instead just focus on the positive:

We’ll miss you, bacon-wrapped lamb and sinfully rich lobster bisque. We’ll miss the crazy bar scene and spying on people from the… Read More

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Twitter Weekly Archive for 10/25/09



Twitter Archive

TwitterMas to Millers and friends post all kinds of Charlottesville restaurant and food news and reviews on Twitter. From now on there will be a weekly post with all of our tweets and re-tweets for the week so that all of this great information is searchable on the site. Below is everything up until October 19, 2009.

  • RT @UVA: Police seek info to locate Morgan Dana Harrington, a Va Tech student last seen 10/17 near JPJ. Call 924-7166. Mon Oct 19, 2009
  • New review: Continental Divide Mon Oct 19, 2009
  • A Riverside kind of day. Better than ever! Sun Oct 18, 2009
  • RT @patsystrong: Went to famed Benihanas in Las Vegas, and discovered that…

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