Rosemary Lemonade at The Flat

Rosemary Lemonade at The Flat Creperie in Charlottesville, VAThis is not a great picture. It looks like lemonade. What you can’t see here is the perfect kiss of rosemary infusion that elevates this above pedestrian lemonades. Especially on a day like today. It probably won’t be there for long, so get one while you can and while the weather strongly suggests you should!

Note: If you haven’t been to The Flat for a lunch crepe, you’re missing out. More info can be found on The Flat website or The Flat on Yelp

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Dessert in a Bottle, Barboursville Style

Malvaxia Passito dessert wine at Barboursville Vineyards outside Charlottesville, VAIt’s funny how things go sometimes.  I recently wandered up to Barboursville Vineyards on one of those seemingly not-so-rare mild February days, half fevering for spring already.  Barboursville was an intentional destination, as I’d been gifted a certain bottle and thought to compare mine against the rest of the winery’s extensive lineup.  Turns out something totally unexpected stole my wine loving heart: the 2006 Malvaxia Reserve Passito.

First introduced in 2001, the Malvaxia Passito is a labor of love.  Unlike the process for making ice wines, grapes for this style of wine are never frozen.  Instead, following Italian tradition… Read More

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A Love Affair with Virginia Red: Petit Verdot

Petit Verdot from Veritas Winery outside Charlottesville, VAThis is the first of a new series of posts about Virginia wine by Michelle, a new addition to the Mas to Millers team and a self-professed oenophiliac. While the posts in this series may make reference to non-Virginia wines, we should emphasize that the series itself isn’t meant to see how Virginia wines stack up against wines from elsewhere. Much like the restaurant reviews, the question we’re asking is simply, “Who is doing what in the region and do we like what they’re doing or not?”

It wasn’t my first Virginia love, but it’s my most luxurious. It’s no secret that our little corner of American viticulture – namely the Monticello AVA –… Read More

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Poll: Best Cup of Coffee in Charlottesville?

Best Coffee in CharlottesvilleA friend recently asked me where to find the best cup of coffee in Charlottesville. Actually, he asked me to confirm that his opinion was the right one. Since I inherited a non-coffee-drinking habit from my dad I thought I’d throw the question out to the more knowledgeable among us. Please vote and share any additional thoughts or tips in the comments.

Results will be revealed on Wednesday 11/30. Merry Thanksgiving to all!

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9 1/2 Speakeasy

It seems as if Charlottesville has hit the watering hole jackpot lately: first came the Skybar (I don’t know what we did before rooftop drinking), and in recent weeks there was the debut of a fun and cozy speakeasy that’s perfect if you’re looking for a romantic night out or to channel your inner mobster.

It might violate symbolic rules of the speakeasy to spread the word, but Fellini’s 9 1/2 Speakeasy is too good to keep a secret. You enter through a door just past the normal Fellini’s entrance and head through a curtained off area up a staircase. The rules (“agreement of participation”) to the speakeasy are posted on a door at the top of the stairs… Read More


Mandarin Ginger at Ten

Is it possible the summer is more than half over? Say it ain’t so. Actually, for a guy like me who far prefers cold to hot, say it is so. I’m ready for this heat to move on out of here. Until it does, functional alcoholics like us can take refuge from the sun in refreshing beverages like the Mandarin Ginger at Ten.

There isn’t much to it. Muddle fresh orange slices with ginger, fill with cubes and Absolut Mandarin, top with club soda, and enjoy. But it’s the simplicity that makes it work. The spiciness of the ginger joins up with the carbonation of the soda to add a pleasant bite to… Read More

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The Vieux Carré at Zinc

If you’re a manly man, you’ve taken one look at many a cocktail list around town and scoffed your way past pomegranate and cucumber drinks on down to where they list the hard liquor there at the bottom. “I’ll have a Maker’s on the rocks,” you say. Or if you’re an extra manly man, maybe you order a scotch served neat. You and the bartender share a knowing nod – “We are both serious and sophisticated men,” it says – and you take your tumbler of no-nonsense over to where the rest of your party is having trouble keeping their blood orange margaritas and sour appletinis from sloshing out of their precarious… Read More

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Hanging Fruit Smoothie at Calvino Cafe

I went into smoothie withdrawal when I moved from California to Charlottesville. Where was the spirulina, the frozen chunks of papaya, the gingko biloba powder, and the pressed kiwi juice that came together to provide me with a reverse-aging milkshake? There wasn’t even a sugary Jamba Juice in sight.

I suffered from intense wheatgrass withdrawal but over time I’ve managed. This is either because my California cravings have given way to longings for Riverside cheeseburgers and BBQ Exchange pulled pork, or because there’s been progress in the local smoothie department. First there was the delicious Cantaloupe Smoothie, and then Integral Yoga began offering a kickass juice bar. But life really changed when I found … Read More

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Cantaloupe Smoothie at Java Java

Java Java's Cantaloupe SmoothieThe recent string of a million degree humid weather has made my mid-afternoon coffee outings from the office rather unappealing. Loading up on ice cream seems much better yet a bit too decadent for every afternoon. So what’s a downtown worker to do in this heat? Lately I’ve been hitting Java Java Downtown to try their fruit smoothies for a different kind of afternoon pick-me-up. While there are more traditional smoothie flavors, my favorite is the delicious and unique Cantaloupe smoothie.

Java Java’s Cantaloupe Smoothie is a little less sweet than other fruit blends. It’s icy and creamy with a hint of honey and spice to it, with a beautiful pastel color that screams summer. It’s a… Read More

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The Beer Sampler at Blue Mountain Brewery

Blue Mountain Brewery Beer SamplerOne of my favorite outdoor activities is drinking beer in the shade. When the sun is beating down and I’ve done nothing else productive with my day, I like to buckle down and go drinking. There are many places in Charlottesville to accomplish such a goal, but if you’re looking for nature-gazing instead of people-watching Blue Mountain Brewery is tough to beat.

Located in Afton a short 20-minute drive from Charlottesville, the brewery and restaurant occupy a farmhouse overlooking patchwork fields and trees, with mountains in the distance. We didn’t try the food, having popped in at Greenwood Gourmet Grocery on our way out, but the patio was packed… Read More

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