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Poll: Charlottesville’s Best Nachos

One of our cheesiest contributors (in the best possible way) is hot on the case of Charlottesville’s best nachos, and will do a write-up soon, but we could use a little help from all of you. Where do you go to get the freshest, most delicious, most perfectly balanced plate of nachos, free from plasticky drizzled fake cheese and minimally soggy tortilla chips?

Who has the best nachos in Charlottesville?



Best in Wings

Someone once asked me this question: “Can you really tell the difference between the wings at Wild Wing Café and the wings at BW3?” I put down my wing, licked my fingers, slapped him across the face, and said, “You should be ashamed of yourself.” I picked my delicious wing back up and gnawed on it as I said, “There are at least two things wrong with what you just said. First, of course there’s a difference. You just have to eat chicken wings with disgusting regularity like I do. Second, the two wing joints you mention serve some of the most mediocre wings in town.” That’s when he slapped the wing out of my hand and said, “Oh yeah? Look at the poll results and then tell me… Read More

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Five Favorite Dishes 2011

Last year I took on the difficult task of selecting my five favorite things to eat from local restaurants. But a lot changes over a year: new delights are discovered, and old favorites are eaten frequently enough to result in overdose and temporary avoidance. So it seemed time for a new Best in Chow to capture my five favorite dishes at this point in time. Some things never change, of course: a perfectly fried dish sits atop both lists.

Pimento Deviled Eggs
How to make already delicious, decadent deviled eggs even better? Add some pimento cheese, of course. While more restaurants are adding deviled eggs to their menu (still not enough), I think Rapture’s… Read More

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Poll: Best Chicken Wings in Charlottesville?

Tasty wings at an undisclosed Charlottesville restaurantI need your help. I’ve wanted to do a Best Wings post for a long time, but I can never talk Erin into doing the necessary legwork (get it…legwork?) to provide a counterpoint to my biased perspective. As a result, I’m asking you, knowledgeable Charlottesville wingdingers, to vote on your favorites. The results will occupy a column of their own in the upcoming “Best in Wings” review.

If you leave a comment with a sentence or two about why you like a particular wing, we might also quote you – with full credit, of course – in the post. Many thanks for your help, good people! Read More

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Five Favorite Dishes

taste of china - crispy eggplantSince the day is nearly here to be thankful for everything in our lives, particularly delicious food, I’ve taken on the difficult task of selecting my top five favorite things from local restaurants. There’s so much I like to eat in this town of ours that it feels akin to choosing a favorite child or Bravo reality tv show, but I persevered. So please enjoy a special Best in Chow, presented with great gratitude to those who make these delicious things. Consider it my version of Five Dishes You Eat in Heaven. And don’t forget to chime in with your own favorites. Read More

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Best in Frozen Treats

Toppings galore.It’s rare that we disagree strongly about something. Usually we’re a half-star or maybe – maybe! – a full star away from the other’s point of view. When it comes to Charlottesville’s frozen treats, however, things can get ugly. At least on the page. In reality, things are rarely ugly when frozen treats of any kind are going into your mouth. Speaking of which, we love Ben & Jerry’s but didn’t include it and other nationwide chains in favor of more local or regional options. Whether you agree, disagree, or know of a great place nearby that we haven’t tried, let us know in the comments! Read More

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Best in Thai

Basil Fried RiceCharlottesville loves its Thai food. We have eight Thai restaurants to pick from and not one seems to be hurting for business. Everyone in town has a fiercely held opinion as to which is the best, so it seems the ideal pick for our first Best in Chow. We’ve tried them all, multiple times, and can easily agree on two things: Lime Leaf is by far the best, and the fact that Thai ’99 wins the Best of C-ville’s Asian category every year is a shocking travesty of justice. We have some differences of opinion for everything in between, so check out our standings for Best of Thai. We’re sure you’ll disagree, so add your own list in the comments. Read More

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