Erin and JedMas to Millers was founded with hunger and love in July 2009 by Erin and Jed, who are married and live in Charlottesville, VA, where they spend most of their days eating and talking about eating.

After a year and a half of intensive eating, they realized people were probably pretty sick of hearing only from them. To mix it up with some fresh perspectives, they assembled a dream team of eaters who will be relentlessly dining in order to bring you the latest restaurant food reviews and news from the Charlottesville area.

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Brian has been eating a vegetarian diet of some shape or form for 25+ years and recently converted to a near-vegan diet. When not practicing folk music from Saint Kitts and Nevis on his double-bell euphonium, or searching for a mint condition copy of The Amazing Spider-Man #129, Brian enjoys sipping a nice glass of Cotes Du Rhone and searching out creative ways to gormandize meatless and dairy-free meals around Charlottesville.


Casey began cooking at age 12, making split-pea soup with a bottle of Chardonnay her mother had been saving for more important uses. A full-time student and part-time food service employee, she falls into the live-to-eat variety of culinary enthusiasts. Her favorite dishes include bucatini all’amatriciana, fried oysters, and Guadalajara’s salsa. She has been known to bake cakes in lieu of studying for midterms.


It wasn’t until Curry went trigger happy with the registry scanner at Bed, Bath & Beyond that she became interested in cooking. She is now a self-defined epicurean on a personal crusade to transform fatties into foodies. Professionally, she works from home here in Cville where she procures talent for culinary education and entertainment for a company based in DC. Her favorite food is her husband’s meat – he is a gaucho from the Pampas and makes the best churrasco. Curry is originally from South Carolina where she enjoys gathering and eating oysters in the “r” months.



“I’ll try anything once, twice if I like it, three times to make sure.” – Mae West.

I agree…especially as it pertains to food and wine. Although I work in a local food business and interact with Virginia growers and producers every day, my culinary interests extend beyond state lines and across oceans. In case you question my qualifications, right now I am wearing a plastic lobster bib, wielding an oversized ladle, and I have a 14 karat gold tastevin dangling from the neck. I look very much like the Swedish Chef from The Muppet Show, but with a bigger moustache and eyebrows.

Biggest cooking disaster: Greek Meatloaf.  All I can say is that I offended both Greeks and Meatloaf aficionados alike. Not easy given the mild mannered nature of loaf lovers.


Erin’s culinary adventures got off to a slow start as she insisted on peanut butter and jelly every day until the age of nine. She’s making up for lost time now. Due to her Irish ancestry, Erin has never met a potato she didn’t like and she would eat french fries every single day if it were socially and nutritionally acceptable. Her favorite meals of all time include an El Farolito burrito in San Francisco, iced Scandinavian berries with white chocolate sauce in London, and an avocado and feta slice here in town at Christian’s.


Jed has been eating for as long as he can remember but has gotten better at it in recent years. Charlottesville is a great place to practice. Whether you want to improve your burger-eating after yard work or your caviar-smearing before going to the theater, Charlottesville can help. If you want to be Jed’s friend, it’s as easy as buying him a cheeseburger. You will then have limitless good will, until you steal a cheeseburger from Jed, at which time you will have limitless ill will, until you buy Jed a cheeseburger, and so on. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more updates soon!



It’s rare that Kaitlin eats some kind of food she doesn’t like. Luckily for her mother, it has always been that way. Growing up in the DC area allowed her access to all kinds of different food, and the variety of cuisine in Charlottesville has only expanded her palate. Not only does she like to try everything, but being a perennial student, she works to eat well for cheap, with the occasional splurge here and there. Her love of food and Charlottesville led her to become an avid Mas to Millers fan, and she could not be more excited to be joining the team!


While in Austin, TX for graduate school, Kelly made the very unpopular choice to become vegetarian, and despite LOVING the smell of meat being grilled and bacon sizzling, she hasn’t looked back since. In the Fall of 2010, she and her husband Brian embarked on a new adventure…veganism. By no means has this been fun. I mean, come on…giving up melted cheese?? One would have to be crazy! A little crazy, yes, but all in all, she has found she feels great. Kelly is by no means a foodie in any educated manner but she is really great at eating. She believes food should be enjoyed, shared, and experimented with, especially with good friends. As she and her husband’s quest for healthy and delicious vegan fare continues, they hope you may be inspired to try something new as well.


While bored one day after quitting swim team and before starting marching band, Kip found a magazine article on bread baking and hasn’t stopped since. An entire wall of his apartment is filled with books about food history, science, ecology, biology, diversity, and instruction – floor to ceiling. It is his favorite wall.

Data cruncher by day, and chef/musician by night, Kip is an avid music eater, computer listener, and local food tinkerer. If he isn’t thinking about, cooking, or having food, call an ambulance.



Michelle’s wine education began when she was herself an educator of the public school variety, and colleagues one weekend pushed her into their van and headed for nearby grapevine-laden hills and a much-needed “mental health” day. She hasn’t looked back since.

Sommelier she is not, but Michelle has grown to love wine, thanks to living in Virginia. Vineyard hopping back when tastings were (gasp!) free and many wineries, newly minted, made wine accessible to this native Midwesterner. Local tasting rooms provided said novice with the time, space, people and product to ease into the Virginia wine life and learn some things. As a result, she spent several seasons pouring at a local winery and is jazzed to continue her oenological explorations via blog!


Steph grew up in a family of foodies. Her mom taught cooking classes and ran a catering company. Since the entire family helped with the catering business, Steph had skills such as assembling and frying won-tons, creating mini-cheesecakes, and making crudites trees while still in elementary school. She still loves to cook for others and have others cook for her (at home or in restaurants.) A few simple rules guide her eating journey: There is no such thing as “too sweet”, butter improves nearly everything, and broccoli is yucky. While she can’t be disabused of these notions, she is looking forward to expanding her eating horizons (and quite possibly her waistline) as a contributor to M2M!


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