Alexandra and Paula at the Jefferson Theater in Charlottesville, VATwo of our favorite ladies about town, Alexandra and Paula, have taken on the ambitious and enjoyable task of attending every show at the Jefferson Theater this month and documenting it on their blog, One Month at the Jefferson. Naturally they’ll need to fuel up for all that music so we asked them to give us the rundown on their favorite places to eat pre- and post-show.

There are some great choices for food on the Downtown Mall before your show to keep you satiated through the opening and main act. Here are a few of our favorites.


Because I tend to drink beer (usually PBR or one of the Starr Hill brews) when I go to the shows at the Jefferson, I don’t like to eat a huge meal before. Nothing worse than standing there in a food coma. Last I checked, the Jefferson didn’t provide cots.

Christian’s Pizza. Whether you want to go with something traditional like pepperoni or you like something like avocado, feta, and chopped tomato, this is an inexpensive and fast option.

Ten. Before the Dawes show, I had a leisurely dinner and beer with friends who came down from DC for the concert. They have great sushi and smaller plates of delicious things like waygu beef, seaweed salad, and calamari. Plan for some extra time if you go to Ten.

Eppie’s. Also fast and easy. Delicious salads like the Santa Monica and more substantial food like a spicy jerk chicken plate. Be sure to get the pumpkin bread side. They close early during the week (8 pm) but most Jefferson shows start at 8 during the week so it should be perfect timing!


Downtown Grille bar. If you’re looking for a more sophisticated start to your evening show I suggest the bar at Downtown Grille. Their bar menu and regular menu apps and sides provide a tasty and light start to an evening at the Jeff that is also enjoyable to share (or not depending on if you’re dining with an only child…like my partner in crime, Alexandra). Plus their bartender’s got it going on when it comes to the classic adult beverages. The DTG Bar has gained popularity over the years, but generally you can easily walk in and be seated at a bar table.

C&O (late night). Let’s not forget about the opportunities for noshing post-moshing—ok so I’m not sure moshing ever happens at the Jeff, but if it does in August we will let you know. There are times when you just can’t get in something to eat before a show (and the onsite empanadas aren’t your thing), but that’s ok because C&O’s late night menu has that covered. And they cover it well, including weeknights. Yes, I speak from experience having dined there after the Dawes show and I’m not exactly sure how late it was, but it was late and they were happy to serve us food upon our descent into the tavern bar. Classic favs like mac and cheese are served post 10pm. I indulged in a pastrami panini and my date had the mac and cheese. Both were served with their famous butter lettuce salad helping you feel slightly less guilty about the late night snack attack.

Check out their concert reviews and musings at One Month at the Jefferson.