Hazelnut Heaven – nutella, bananas, and bacon – at Blue Moon Diner in Charlottesville, VAI know I write a lot about brunch these days but what can I say? It’s my favorite meal of the week, and our dinner adventures have been scaling back in inverse proportion to the baby that has been growing in Erin’s belly. Anyway, my favorite meal of the week just got a little bit more favoriter with the recent discovery of Blue Moon Diner‘s “Hazelnut Heaven” sandwich.

It’s the sandwich Elvis would have eaten every day had he been more a nutella guy than a peanut butter guy. Nutella, bananas, and bacon mingle on a canvas of toasted sourdough in this gluttonous masterpiece that appears all the more wicked against a healthy backdrop of naked fruits.

I did have a couple of complaints – I wanted the toast to be a touch softer and the bacon a touch crispier to give the sandwich a little crunch and to prevent the whole strip from coming out with the first bite – but they were mostly drowned out by the harps of bacony brunch bliss strumming in my head.

Hazelnut Heaven is on the specials menu so be sure to get it while you can!