There are all kinds of opening and closing shenanigans as we head toward the holidays! It’s hard to keep up these days. A brief recap of the latest restaurant news in recent weeks:

Goodbye Orange Crush. We had heard rumors of Escafé shutting its doors and recently C-ville confirmed it. The good news? Rev Soup Owner Will Richey will take over the space and plans to open The Whiskey Jar in the new year. The bad news? Where in the world will we go for Red Bull-fueled bar dancing? Head to Escafé TONIGHT (Saturday) for what promises to be a bittersweet and debaucherous farewell bash.

Choppers on Meade? In an unlikely and awesome combo, The Dish reports a rumor that the creator of the Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar will be opening a motorcycle-themed restaurant called Vintage Brews on Meade Avenue, but couldn’t confirm the news. Anyone have the scoop?

More on Meade. The growing restaurant strip also just welcomed The Lunchbox Express and Market & Meade. Serving the same food as the original food cart, it will be open until 11 pm on weeknights and 3 am on Friday and Saturday. Hooray for late night eating!

Staunton Sorrow. The area is losing another good one as farm to fork restaurant The Staunton Grocery will serve it last dinner on December 23. If you’re looking for some wine bargains, they’re offering a 50% discount on all wine served in the restaurant or to go until the doors close.

More than Dogs. If you lamented the closing of the Downtown Hot Dog Company, take a ride to Ruckersville to eat at the owners’ new venture, Ericson’s Eatery & Pub. They still serve up gourmet hot dogs but have expanded the menu to include burgers, steak, and a fried thick-cut bologna sandwich. Woah.

The Best and the Worst. We’ve already written about the happiest and saddest news of the year: pho is coming but The Tavern is saying goodbye.

What other big news have we missed?