You have just a few weeks left to get your fix of the best pancakes in town while saying goodbye to a local institution, as The Tavern‘s last day is officially December 24th.

It’s always sad to see a longstanding local business close, especially when the rumored backstory is that the wealthy local landlord significantly raised rent prices and wouldn’t agree to a multi-year lease. After 30 years serving the friendliest breakfast in town, The Tavern will soon close and there are whisperings a CVS will be put in its place (if true, I personally vow to never step foot in it). Love or hate The Tavern’s greasy comfort food, it’s a loss for the community.

Shernita and Tabatha, our favorite waitresses

We loved The Tavern because it legitimately served townspeople, students, and tourists, as the sign on the roof claimed. We’d be surrounded by 12-person student groups on one side and regulars over age 70 we’d see every visit on the other. We loved it for the best and friendliest waitresses in town: they were shockingly fast given how many people they’d be covering, but never too busy to sit down and visit. Jed once brought his sister there instead of me as his usual brunch partner, and one of our favorite waitresses immediately came over to tell him he better not be stepping out on me. Now that’s great service.

And we loved The Tavern for its pancakes, the best in town. All varieties were good, but the Lemon Poppyseed and monthly specials such as Pumpkin, Gingerbread, and the decadent Brownie Pancakes were truly amazing. I think there was magic grease on that skillet (and yes, The Tavern had difficulties with health code violations, but they turned things around in 2008 while still keeping the skillet magic). I hope other breakfast places in town will step up their pancake game and fill this soon-to-be lonely void in our bellies.

We wish our best to the entire staff of The Tavern. On our visit this past weekend, our waitress told us she had been there for 33 years and had no idea what would come next. I hope owner Shelly Gordon will find a new location in town and bring the family back together again. In the meantime, we’ll be there chowing down on some gingerbread pancakes over the next two weekends.