Thursday nights were the highlight of my middle school years: not only was it was the best hour of television with The Cosby Show followed by Family Ties, but for some unknown reason my parents would let me make a bowl of brownie dough that I would eat raw by the spoonful while in sitcom heaven.

I somehow managed to avoid both salmonella and childhood obesity, but it did result in appreciation for a unique flavor combination. Since my baking skills were rudimentary at best, I didn’t quite grasp the difference between various oils and I would often add olive oil to my brownie mix. I became strangely fond of the nuttiness of olive oil combined with rich chocolate.

So thank you Mas, for letting me enjoy this flavor combo once again in a much more adult and culinarily sophisticated manner. I can’t make it to Mas these days without ordering their Espuma de Chocolate, a bittersweet chocolate mousse that manages to feel light despite a rich, luscious chocolate flavor. The best thing about the dessert? It’s made from a Sephardic tradition of using olive oil (from Andulucia) instead of dairy. The result is a subtly different kind of chocolate mousse that’s topped with sour cream and strawberries. The combination of the bitter chocolate with a hint of olive oil, sweet strawberries, and tangy cream is delightful.

I was curious if it was suitable for vegans since the mousse is dairy-free, but it does include eggs so no luck there. But if you’re not vegan, I highlight recommend it, preferably paired with a glass of dessert wine for a perfect after-dinner treat. Alex P. Keaton and Rudy Huxtable would approve.