Is it possible the summer is more than half over? Say it ain’t so. Actually, for a guy like me who far prefers cold to hot, say it is so. I’m ready for this heat to move on out of here. Until it does, functional alcoholics like us can take refuge from the sun in refreshing beverages like the Mandarin Ginger at Ten.

There isn’t much to it. Muddle fresh orange slices with ginger, fill with cubes and Absolut Mandarin, top with club soda, and enjoy. But it’s the simplicity that makes it work. The spiciness of the ginger joins up with the carbonation of the soda to add a pleasant bite to the smooth refreshing sweetness of the fragrant orange.

If I had one complaint it would be this: With all the extra stuff in the bottom of the glass, the bang for buck factor suffers. By the time you’ve counted your dollar-dollar-bills-y’all to pay for the $9 cocktail, it’s long gone and you’re on to your next one. Good thing these aren’t too hard to make at home.