Intense heat waves trigger two cravings: the taste of sizzling savory meat off the grill (you’re sweating already, so you might as well be eating something good) and creamy ice cream to cool down. Brookville just made it easier to enjoy both with an incredibly delicious Bacon Ice Cream Root Beer Float.

I know bacon desserts have become all the rage—even Denny’s had a bacon sundae which may officially signal that bacon has jumped the shark— but usually they seem to be more about kitsch value than good flavors. I’ve tried all the bacon chocolate, bacon jam, and bacon brownies I can get my hands on and they’re usually a letdown. Brookville, however, has built on its reputation for legit bacon desserts (I’m a fan of their bacon waffle) with a perfect summer addition.

The key is Chef Harrison Keevil has channeled his inner Richard Blais by turning to liquid nitrogen. The bacon ice cream consistency is the same as your usual ice cream, but because it was frozen with liquid nitrogen it’s amazingly creamy. No ice crystals, just a perfect melt in your mouth consistency. The small pieces of bacon throughout the ice cream are the ideal size: they add a salty punch but there isn’t too much to make you feel like you’re eating breakfast instead of an after-dinner treat. The bacon ice cream mixed with sweet root beer creates a flavor that’s perfectly balanced and quite addictive.