We just returned from an amazing trip to Ireland, a country that deserves a much better food reputation than it has. Who wouldn’t love a place where every restaurant has, on average, ten different potato dishes? I’m hoping we helped with the country’s economic recovery through our food and drink bill, but I think it will be awhile before I can order lamb, duck, or Guinness.

For my own Ireland recovery, I’m turning to a summer salad regimen for the foreseeable future. The timing is great as I just discovered my new favorite lunch order: Eppie’s Curry Chicken Salad. I’m averaging two a week and I can’t get enough. You can order the curry chicken as a sandwich as well, but I highly recommend the salad. They start with delicious, fresh greens (a spring mix) topped with grape tomatoes and a creamy red wine vinaigrette that has a nice citrus touch. It’s the two heaping scoops of curry chicken salad on top of the greens, though, that make it addictive.

My biggest complaint with curry chicken salads is they’re often loaded down with mayonnaise so you lose the actual chicken and curry flavors. Eppie’s does it just right, starting with perfectly tender shredded chicken. It’s mixed with a curry creaminess that manages to be moist but not overly heavy. The curry flavor has a hint of sweetness that is balanced nicely with green onions and some mild spice. The  plump red grapes mixed into the salad add to the incredibly satisfying texture.

The salad is $8 but it’s huge and I can often make it last for two lunches, especially because it comes with pumpkin bread on the side (or you can substitute cornbread). It’s the perfect summer salad – and thankfully does not come with Guinness.