pickles-3Fresh Crunch was located last week on the Western side of the market, next to the road across from South Street. Matt Brass’s father is the Culinary Arts director at CATEC and while he’s 5 years deep into pickling (sold at his short-lived deli), the canning is as recent as the public pickle selling. While his ambitions drive him towards larger scale production and product growth, we are lucky to have him around at least for now with ingredients sourced from NOVA and seasonally rotated. Right now try his Sweet Hots, which I’ve been putting on sandwiches to a great tangy effect, but he also has beets, standard pickles, carrots and others.

The most important thing about his flavors is the diversity of mixes, I heard someone disappointed that some Chardonnay pickles he had before were not at the market, so keep a look out for new and exciting varieties from this young and interesting farmer’s market vendor! Update: The Fresh Crunch facebook page says to look for spicy chipotle pickle okra.